Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi from the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)!

So I just saw Sweetheart's leg for myself this afternoon.  Les wasn't lying to me when he said the progress from last week to this week was simply amazing.  To go from open, dry bone and necrotic tissue to a small scab is a miracle (there's that word again).  Dr. Kolar said if it wasn't for her other open spots on her leg (which are shrinking rapidly) that bandage could come off.  As it is, I doubt that bandage will be needed to terribly longer.  Again, SOOO very thankful for this little girl's ability to heal, if only we could bottle her healing power we would live forever.  :)

Les said Sweetheart was being a good girl for him today.  Played some with her chew toy Jackie and was lying in her crate sleeping nicely today.  The weather is Oklahoma has cooled off fairly nicely so now she is able to stay outside for a longer period of time.  They all love the cool breeze while lying in the fluffy grass.

I am excited to get her spay done but I am kinda wishing it wasn't coming so soon because I want to be selfish and foster her for longer.  :)  Plus I hate that we have to put her through surgery and pain when she is feeling so good.  However, I know the spay is absolutely necessary and it is the best thing for her.

As always, thanks to everyone for keeping up with our little Sweetheart saga.  She is truly loved by everyone in Oklahoma and around the world and for that I am so very grateful!

Les hopes to get some pics and maybe a video for your enjoyment tomorrow sometime.  As it is I talk to him a few times each day and get all the updates.  Course, greyhounds sleep more than they are awake so those updates aren't always the most fascinating.  :)

Hope everyone is doing well!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bandage change 9/29

Everything went well with today's bandage change.  Sweetheart has officially gained two thirds of her body weight since 8/13.  She weighed in at just over 51 pounds today.

This was taken 8/13. Dr. Kolar believed the bone had been
exposed for at least 7 days due to how dry it was.

The same wound taken 9/29 and in Dr. Kolars word's about the progress
Sweetie has made in 6 weeks (Amazing.)
I believe that Dr. Kolar had his doubts about how her leg would heal and
is shocked at how well it has healed in 6 weeks. 

This is the inside of her leg around 3 weeks ago.

The inside of her leg taken 9/29 it still has a way to go but it
looks so much better.

Dr. Kolar has said that Sweetheart is now healthy enough that we should be able to have her spayed in 2-3 weeks.  I really think that she has surprised the staff at Prague Veterinary Clinic with her recovery.  It's so nice to see the smiles on their face's when I bring her in.  They are truly awesome people!  I will keep it short since jess isn't around and I can't seem to think of anything else to say.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Home again temporarily (for me that is).

Les and I drove 12 hours and made it home about ten last night. We picked up Journey on the way home. It was weird to wake up with only one dog. I woke up in a panic wondering who I had left outside. :)

I picked up Monte, Jackie and Cleo from the vet this morning and they and I were thrilled to have them home. Shelly brought Bavarian and Sweetheart to me about 12:30 pm. It was great to have them all back home. When one is missing from the pack it just isn't the same.

As you all know from Shelly's lovely pictures, video and text, Sweetheart is continuing to do quite fabulous. She is pretty much up to optimum weight, now she just needs to continue building her muscle. She also needs to shed out her old, ratty feeling hair and grow some nice undercoat for winter.

Her leg is doing fine as I was thrilled to see. She is done with her antibiotics and will not be required to go back on them unless her leg starts to reverse in progress. Les will take her into Dr. Kolar's Thursday for another bandage change. He will also get her weighed in.

I have no pictures or video for you tonight. The drive all day yesterday and evening wiped me out. I have been doing laundry and Sweetheart and I took a nap this afternoon.

I leave for Michigan Wednesday morning at 5:30 a.m to visit my grandmother. I will get home around 1 a.m. on October 8th. I am bittersweet in my feelings about going up there. I want to see my family and especially my grandmother but I also love home and am going to miss my fur kids while I am gone ( and Les too :) ) I will probably try to go down to Texas to be with my friend for her cancer treatment but that will most likely not be until late October. Her cancer has worsened and I am just sick over what she is going through. Please keep her, my grandmother and Sweetheart in your thoughts. I really do appreciate it.

Sorry if tonight's blog was a little bit of a downer, I just wanted to share what is going on with both Sweetheart and myself. Thanks for letting share this with you all, it really does help me!!! We will try and have some pics and maybe a video for you tomorrow.

Sweetheart has had lots of fun and relaxation too ...

Sweetheart had a very busy weekend with lots of fun! Saturday we had visitors and they enjoyed meeting Sweetheart and our other pups and foster.

On Sunday Sweetie enjoyed our group greyhound playdate.

Sweetie also enjoyed several romps in the turnout with her greyhound buddies. (The dog barking in the background is our elderly and dear Aussie, Jake.)

She enjoyed relaxing in the sun ...

And more relaxing in the sun ...

And, she even found her very own loveseat ...

We are going to miss Sweetie terribly since she's going back to her #1 foster mom, Jessica, today. We've LOVED having her here ... and we hope to have her here again soon!

Again, I apologize for the delay in keeping the blog updated the past couple of days. My computer failure really slowed us down. But, I think we're back in business now. : )

I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to communicate with you about this little girl's miraculous journey to full recovery. Thanks to each of you for checking in on her blog ... and don't forget to hug your pups today.

Foster mom #2,


Sweetheart is great ... computer is not

Sweetheart is doing wonderfully well and I'm sorry I've missed the last 2 days on updating with pictures and videos. My computer died and is now on the way back to Dell to be repaired. I'm trying to get a good update on Sweetie now composed with pictures and video on a new computer. I've had to load software and figure out a new system. Please be patient with me and I should have a full update on this special little girl soon.

Shelly with Sweetheart

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweetie's Big Day

Sweetie wants to say *hello* and tell everyone about her big day.

Today was her day to see our group's vet for a bandage change and to check her weight. So, here's today's weight ...

 Yes, that's 50.8 lbs. I was a bit disappointed that she has only gained a bit over 1/2 pound since Monday, but she is eating every bite of her frequent meals and she's been running full out at almost every turnout time. Our group's vet was very pleased and commented that her muscle building in her injured leg has really improved and is catching up with the muscle development of her right rear leg. He is happy with her progress and commented how her recovery has been miraculous.

We proceeded to the treatment room for her dressing change. Below are pictures of her current healing progress. It's simply astounding!

 Both of the veterinarians working with Sweetheart.

Here's Sweetheart's pretty face during her dressing change. She is actually relaxing and living up to her name by being a complete Sweetheart during the procedure.

A new length of Silverlon dressing was applied around her leg and then covered with this Kerlix gauze dressing for padding.

Then a nice, dark green vet wrap was applied and adhesive tape was added after this picture to keep everything securely in place.

 Now, I'm back at my temporary home and ready to run in the turnout with the other dogs again.

 I just have to break in this new bandage.

 And, I'm looking forward to dinner ... if you would please take a hint!!! ; )

Have a wonderful evening everyone and enjoy your pups. We'll update again tomorrow with more pictures and video too, if possible.

Shelly & Sweetheart

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ain't She Sweet!

I was able to get a cute video of Sweetheart outside in the turnout with her other grey pals just within the past hour. Enjoy and watch for her at the very end!

Give your pups an extra treat after dinner this evening or enjoy a long walk together. ; )


Taking time to *Smell the Flowers*

Sweetie loves turnout time. She especially loves morning turnout and searching in the morning glories and smelling the flowers. Enjoy the pictures from this morning about 8 AM.


I'd like to think she's *taking time to smell the flowers*, but I think I actually know what she's really doing. She's hunting for bumble bees and other flying critters. She really can't stand any flying insects! She will snap them out of the air if they get anywhere near her ... and she's usually successful. We've witnessed several flies meet their fate with Sweetie's speed and accuracy. She's too fast to stop her from doing it! However, we have been successful at keeping her from having any bumble bee snacks thus far.

This awesome, little girl is an excellent flying insect patrol dog! She will diligently search amongst the morning glories as long as we let her. We think her dislike of flying insects may be the only obvious baggage the little girl has left from her previous neglect situation. We feel she was probably tormented by flies, fleas and insects when she was starving and entangled in that cable with her horribly wounded leg. So now, she's making all flying insects pay! Or, maybe they are just very tasty! : )

She continues to do wonderfully well in every area. We've even found a dry dog food kibble that she actually enjoys (yes, yet another miracle). Her bandage change is scheduled at our group's vet tomorrow at 1:15 PM (not a second too soon ... this bandage is STINKY). I'll be sure to have pictures of wound healing progress to post. 

I'll also try to get some video for later today if we can get something before the promised rain arrives.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Hug your pups today and I hope Sweetie's pictures bring a smile to your face and remind you to slow down and take time to smell the flowers.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweetie Can Run!

Sweetie is doing great! She is eating well, sleeping well and playing like crazy. She lives up to her name ... she's a total Sweetheart. We're hoping we're feeding her enough to keep her weight gain going because she is really loving to run at almost every turnout time.

We'll be scheduling a bandage change for Friday morning and I'll be sure to take the camera. Yes, Jessica, this pretty little girl's bandage is getting REALLY whiffy! (You weren't kidding!) I think her leg must be continuing to make incredible progress with healing as you will see in the videos below. Enjoy!

Videos taken about 3 PM 9-22-10 (please excuse our dirt work done this week in the turnout)

Sweetie has opinions ...

A shameless plug for our foster, Wheat ...

Sweetie running and a message from Bavarian for Jessica & Les ...

I hope you've enjoyed the videos of Sweetheart today. I know you're just as amazed and happy as we are with her improved movement on her injured leg and her overall health recovery. This little girl is awesome!

I'll be back soon with more pictures, updates and videos for you from our little Sweetie.

Be sure to hug your pups,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweetie's Newest Adventure

Well, Sweetie's doing great on her first sleepover! We've got Sweetie and Bavarian with us for the next several days while Jessica and Les take a much needed and well earned vacation. We're thrilled to have Sweetie and the B-man with us and hope that Jessica and Les have a great time while they're away. (Maybe if we're lucky they will post some pictures of their vacation fun!)

Sweetheart has made such amazing improvement in the past 5 weeks that it's almost impossible to believe if I hadn't witnessed it myself. We don't see ribs now and those little hip bones are slowly looking much better. She's using her injured leg much more and rarely goes to 3 leg traveling since she's been with us.

She's eating her canned puppy food like a champ and her treats. She's not wild about her dry food, even when I mixed it with her canned and a bit of fat free yogurt. The girl can't be fooled. She knows what she wants and what she likes!

She especially loves turnout time. We introduced she and Bavarian to our crew carefully and had our pups tired before allowing them to meet with them. Our regular crew seems to be a mix of a roller derby/smackdown group and the fun police. However, once they get their energy ran off in the morning, they are the picture of politeness. (cough, cough) Sweetie loves to run in the turnout and I tried to catch her on video, but failed. However, I'll upload a couple of clips that I did get and hope for better luck next time with the filming.

Here are some pictures from this morning's turnout of this happy, little girl to enjoy.

Sweetie talking ...

Sweetie by the morning glories with Bavarian in the background ...

A close view from the side of Sweetie ...

and Sweetie sniffing something interesting in the turnout ...

And here's a couple of video clips from turnout this morning ...

Just an FYI, the doghouse in the turnout is for keeping dog toys out of the weather only and it's nearly full of toys. It's never used by any dogs. They all stay in our house.

I'll try to keep everyone updated with plenty of Sweetheart news, pictures and video clips daily. If something really cute happens, I'll do an extra post! ; )

Feel free to ask questions or make special picture or video requests and I'll see what I can do. 

We're thrilled to get the opportunity to be Sweetie's temporary, vacation foster parents ... and to have Bavarian too!

Glad to meet each of you,


Monday, September 20, 2010

50 pounds of Sweetheart!

Yep, our little girl now weighs 50 pounds!  31.4 to 50 in 5 weeks, pretty impressive if you ask me.  All the while, she is healing her leg like a superhero!  I don't like the word miracle too much but she really is my little miracle dog.

The pictures below were taken on the way to the vet's office.  Monte's big head is in the back since we were taking three of our dogs to be boarded.  Jennifer, enjoy the large, adorable fawn dog with the one ear straight up.  :)

The bandage change went great today.  It almost took my breath away and not because of the smell.  :)  When he unwrapped the old bandage I COULD NOT believe how good that leg looked.  It really looks like a normal dog leg and not something that went through the meat grinder.  The spots have filled in so nicely and I think within a few more weeks they will be totally covered with new skin growth.  Of course there is no bone showing, there wasn't last week, but it just seems like the tissue growth is just phenomenal.  When I think of what that leg looked like just 5 weeks ago compared to what it does now, it just takes my breath away.  Stunning is the best way to describe it. 

The pictures below are from today's bandage change.  They are still a bit gory but by now you are used to it (hopefully).  To you folks new to the blog, these pictures are really really great even though they might seem a little stomach turning.

By the way, the stuff he uses to wrap her leg under the gauze and vet wrap is called Silverlon.  It is amazing stuff.  It contains silver which keeps any infection from setting up.  Don't ask me how it is works but it is good stuff.  They use it on humans for burn care and wound care as well.  However, it is expensive.  The size he uses on her leg costs $100.  Luckily, he can rinse it and use it a total of three times before he has to start with a new length of it.  It is worth it's weight in silver because without it, I think her leg would not have been able to be saved.

This area was the site where the bone was showing about an inch and a half
along her leg.  The skin was all necrotic and the bone was dry.  I really think Dr. Kolar
was skeptical that this leg could even be saved.  He seems so very happy with her

I just cannot believe how this leg has healed.  You can see
the patterns of the chain and rope now that the leg is almost

The leg looks dirty and icky but that was after Dr. Kolar unwrapped it.
With the Silverlon wrapping, he cannot clean it with soap and water.  The
directions for the wrap state that you can only rinse it with water while it is
being treated with Silverlon.  He does wrap it in a warm towel and rubs it with
clean water to get some of the 'gunk' off.  All of us cannot wait until she is
able to be bathed from head to toe

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Evening update

Video is on its way.  Les is still working on it.

Tomorrow we will take Sweetheart for a bandage change and a weigh in.  I don't know if she has gained more weight or not.  Her ribs are all filled in and she seems to be building more muscle in her back legs.  I think all the wild and crazy chasing of Jackie and Cleo is great medicine.  She continues to think Jackie is her life sized chew toy.  She is playing in the house still and randomly gets her toy skunk (thanks Jennifer) and chews on it.  She is also still entertained with chewing my hand and mouthing at me when she is feeling feisty yet lazy (all the while lying on her side on the air bed).

Tomorrow one of our volunteers will pick up Sweetheart and Bavarian to take to her house.  Journey is at Paul's house and my other three will be boarded at the vet's office.  It is bittersweet for me.  I need a break but I will miss them all.  I am glad Sweetheart is so strong and healthy at this point or else it would be that much harder to leave her.  I will ask Sweetheart's vacation foster mom to update the blog for me if she will agree to do so.  Please keep checking the blog and posting your comments and questions.  I will have my laptop in New Orleans and will check it in the evenings most likely.

The picture of Sweetheart on the top of the blog's main page will stay up until she is ready to be adopted.  I feel that it should stay up for a while longer because it is good for everyone, new to the blog and tried and true fans, to know just how far she has come in four and a half weeks.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Evening

No new video tonight.  Les and I went to Grove OK to take two greys to their new (hopefully) homes.  The trip was six hours round trip so we are a little tired and my bootie is SORE from sitting and driving for six hours.  :)

Thankfully Sweetheart did fabby (love this word from my lovely Sweetheart fans) in her crate while we were gone.  She didn't have an accident and was being nice and quiet when I let her out of it.

Continues to eat great.  Is playing like crazy outside with the other dogs.  Loves chasing them around the yard and attempting to use poor Jackie as a chew toy.  Jackie is a good sport about it thankfully.

Sweetheart is loving the idea of wolf biting me while we are sharing the air mattress.  She likes to chew on my fingers a little and roll around.  She is getting so playful I had to pitch her, Cleo and Jackie outside a few minutes ago so she could work off some energy.  ;)

Sweetheart also seems to think she is a total brawler at night when she is outside.  If she hears a noise or a dog bark outside her yard she starts barking this DEEP bark and she puts her ears up and chases the noise away.  She really is quite amusing.  I tell her that no one is scared of a little wretch with three legs but she doesn't care, she knows she is tough.  Crazy thing.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  We hope to have a video for you tomorrow.  I always hate leaving everyone empty handed and pawed.  ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video from 09/15

Could it be? Really? Half her body weight gained in four weeks?

Les took Sweetheart to Dr. Kolar's for a bandage change and to be weighed.  She tipped the scales at a whopping (well whopping for her) 46.2 pounds!!!  If you don't remember, she weighed 41.8 pounds Friday Sept 10th.  She has gained 4.4 pounds in just five and a half days.  She weighed 31.4 pounds on 08/13 when we rescued her.  She has now gained back one half of her body weight!  To me, this is just phenomenal.  To have seen her in that shelter and seeing her today, you would really, honestly, never be able to believe it is the same girl.  I watch her in the house and in the back yard and I keep thinking to myself "she is really starting to look like a greyhound".  She even has muscle in her back legs, more so on the right since she favors that one.  But she is also gaining muscle all over, chest, legs, shoulders, back, etc.  It is truly remarkable and I am so very very lucky to have been able to help her.

As for her leg, this is continuing to heal quite well.  Dr. Kolar said that the leg is close to being able to have the bandage taken off full time.  However, if we were to take it off for good now, she would have to wear a halo to keep her from licking it.  I don't want her to have to wear a halo so I am going to opt for that bandage for as long as Dr. Kolar allows.  I don't want her stressing about trying to clean the leg and being frustrated by the halo and banging it against everything and everyone.  The bandage is working well and she is able to get around fine with it so that is what we will stay with.

Les is working on a few videos for your enjoyment.  He got some good footage of her being adorable playing with her squishy softball on the back porch.  She is funny though, if it rolls onto the grass play time is over, she is not fetching it after it leaves the concrete!  Silly girl.  Smart girl though, why put forth the effort if she has us trained to bring it back to her.

Thanks for being loyal Sweetheart fans.  I am so excited to be able to report this wonderful weight gain and continued leg healing.

Answer one question before tonight's update

How much weight did Sweetheart gain in the last five and a half days?  And don't cheat and look at my facebook page those of you who are my FB friends.

I will post tonight's update with the answer to that question when I get back from dinner.  I want to leave you all in suspense for a little while longer.  ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday evening

No new video tonight, the cameraman is sleeping.

As I have said before, I feel like a record with a skip in it since the update is usually always the same.  :)  Sweetheart had another good day.  Played a little and ran around the back yard trying to play with the other dogs.  She hasn't quite gotten the hang out of how to get them to play with her but I have no doubt she will do so in the near future.

Les is taking her for a bandage change tomorrow at 1:30.  I am really hoping that she has gained a pound or so. We shall see.  I will definitely let you know tomorrow evening how the bandage change went.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweetheart's true one month anniversary!

Today makes exactly a month since we got Sweetheart.  We picked her up from the shelter August 13th.

Another good day for Sweetheart.  She didn't get her evening can of puppy food but she got tons of treats and all the dry food she could eat.  Oh, and a hot dog.  Hey, you have to give her her antibiotic in something.  :)

We took her outside and she actually played fetch with a squishy softball toy.  We rolled it across the patio and she chased it and brought it back.  After about 8 fetches she stopped and looked at us and that was the end of fetch.  She wasn't having any more of it.  Seeing her pounce the ball and bring it back was so fun.

She also got a squeaky toy and gave it a few wolf bites.  Then she flitted over to me on the air bed and gave me a few bites.  I try to play with her but she isn't sure if I am playing with her or not.  I try and play gentle and just 'growl' a little bit.  I want her to learn I am not going to hurt her when we play.  After the wolf biting was done she snuggled with me a bit.  She is an expert snuggeler.

She will go for a bandage change Wednesday afternoon.  Les will do his best to get video of it and he will weigh her and find out if she has gained any weight since Friday the 10th.

I hope you all enjoy the video.  Les shot and edited it.  I haven't seen it yet myself.

Enjoy the evening and I hope everyone has a good Tuesday tomorrow!

More video!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Evening - 9/12

I woke up this morning with Sweetheart in the middle of my air bed and I was lying on the diagonal with my legs hanging off the bed.  Ahh, and I wonder why I feel tired when I wake up.  However, I can't not let her sleep with me, she LOVES to cuddle when she crawls in bed with me and how can I say no?  I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday night with Sweetheart lying across my legs roaching.  All I saw were long legs.  She is a silly girl.

All is well this Sunday evening.  Two of our Fasthound volunteers came out today about 11 a.m. to visit Sweetheart.  The pics at the end of the post are from that visit.  Sweetheart loved the company and she loved the treats that were given to her during their visit.  :)

All is still great with her.  Eating good and keeps playing more.  I was lying on the bed with her this afternoon and she started wolf biting me and rolling around on her back.  She is getting more and more frisky each day.  She also gets more and more interested in the cat each day.  :)  She hears NO quite a bit but she better get used to it because the more feisty she gets the more she will hear it.  I always joke that my new fosters probably think their name is NO half the time because when they are in a new house they like to 'get into' whatever they think they can.

I will be going to New Orleans next week and one of our volunteers will be fostering her.  I will probably ask this volunteer to update the blog when I am gone so that way everyone, including myself, can keep track of her progress.

I hope the weekend was good for everyone.  Monday is the start of another work week.  Boo!  Pictures of the little Sweetheart are below.

Hunting down treats dropped by Jackie
Pretty face.  Jackie is the black dog in the front and Monte
is checking out the hand with the treat.  He is a piggo!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Evening

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog the last few days.  I have been feeling rather depressed the last day or so and mainly slept.  My friend is battling cancer, my grandma was just diagnosed with throat cancer on Wednesday and then worrying about Sweetheart just sort of hit me like a truck I think.  I will try to not falter on the updates from here on out.

Sweetheart went to the vet Friday for a bandage change (as most of you know if you viewed the pics and video already).  I figured I would just give you a little update in print tonight.  Her leg no longer has any bone showing and the tissue appears, to me, to be filling in nicely. Her wounds still need to fill in a little but I don't think it will take much longer.  I asked Dr. Kolar how he thought her leg was doing and he said "Great".  That one word means a ton!

She will have to wear the bandage for a while longer because even though the tissue has filled in, the skin still has to grow over the new tissue.  Dr. Kolar didn't give me a time frame regarding how long this will take and I am not concerned.  He did say that she will most likely have to wear a halo once the bandage comes off so that she won't lick the new growth raw.  I really dread the halo, I would rather her just have the bandage but I will do what is best for her.

She gained .4 pounds this past week so her weight is 41.8 pounds.  I discovered she had tapeworms, Dr. Kolar slyly said "I don't know why she would have tapeworms, it isn't like she had any fleas"  :)   Dr. Kolar treated her for tapes this Friday. He also said her lack of dramatic weight gain can also be attributed to higher activity level at my house since she is going outside and moving around more.  I feel as long as she isn't losing weight she is doing fine.  I feel these next ten or so pounds will be slow to gain.  Her body's need to intake vast amounts of food has decreased and she has stabilized.  I am still feeding her all she wants and two cans of puppy food a day and treats but she is moving more and still healing that leg and her whole body in general.
Of course, I know that the ridding of tapeworms will help in the weight gain but I still do not expect any dramatic weight gain like the prior three weeks.

Sweetheart is gaining more energy.  She chased me around the yard today and this evening.  She played a little with a toy tonight in the house.  When Les tried to film her playing with a toy, she dropped the toy and stared at him and then got up and walked away.  DIVA!  She really does seem to be quite giddy today.  She is being silly and I am so happy to see silly.  She ate her canned dog food like a champ today and gobbled down treats this evening.  All in all, I cannot ask for a better patient.  I am very very lucky to have her here and hope she continues making good progress.

A couple thanks yous to share.  One of Sweetheart's fans generously bought and donated a Flip for us to take and post video of Sweetheart to this blog.  The two videos posted earlier today are from that donated Flip.  A big thank you to this fan (you know who you are).  In addition, when I walked into Dr. Kolar's office Friday I noticed three cards tacked to his cork board (he has a big cork board used for business cards and lost/found pets, etc).  Two of these three cards had greyhounds on the front.  I thought " Hmmm, I wonder if these are cards for Sweetheart"?  Lo and behold they were.  Three of you sent him thank you cards for the great care Dr. Kolar and his staff gave and continue to give her.  That means a lot to me.  Dr. Kolar and his staff saved her life and without them she wouldn't be home with me recovering so well.  So thank you to her three fans for sending him those cards!  And, as always, thank you to all who view her blog and post comments.  The response to this blog and this little dog has been astounding.  I am so very grateful for all your kind thoughts and words, it really does mean a lot to me and to our Fasthound volunteers.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  I will try to not let full day pass without doing some sort of post.

Pictures from Friday at the vet - 2 new videos below this post!

Laying her head on the console as we are heading home
from Dr. Kolar's.

Looking out the window as we go to Kolar's

Thank you cards that the Prague vet. clinic has received from sweetheart fans.
Posted proudly  in the front of the office.

No more bone showing!

A little candy cane leg!

Several more of her with her head on the console. They are
just too adorable.