Wednesday, July 6, 2011

60 and a cold

He's just a big hunk of dog!

Benny is VERY sweet and gentle
Sweetheart now weighs 60.2 pounds as of this Tuesday!  This is very very close to double her weight when rescued.  I think at least 2 pounds are spots!

Benny had to go to Kolar's this past Saturday.  He had some bloody discharge from his nose.  Dr. Kolar thinks he had a cold and that he probably has ehrlichia and that his bloody nose was a sign of it.  I had them keep him until Tuesday so that way they could monitor him and change any medication that might be necessary.

While Benny was at the vet Sweetheart started coughing.  ARGH!  Sooo, Les took Sweetheart in Tuesday and Dr. Kolar thinks she got the Benny Bug.  She is now on antibiotics for seven days I believe.  The cough hasn't slowed her down a bit.  She is still wild and bouncy and silly.

Benny is now home and looking and feeling SO much better.  The pictures of him above are from today and he looks like a different dog, all bright eyed.  He no longer growls at the other dogs and he doesn't 'guard' the food bowl.  He is very gentle, sweet and laid back.

Ollie came back.  She kept pooping in the house.  I think of it was that she was bored and needed another dog.  I also think she still had some residual stomach issues.  She is also on antibiotics again.  So that makes three dogs we have on pills.  Luckily Les is overseeing the medication and that is a big help to me.  Benny will be on doxycycline for four weeks to make sure the ehrlichia is under control.

On the prowl looking for trouble!

I am excited Sweetheart is having a birthday party!  Never thought I would say that about one of my dogs.  :)

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. I'd have a birthday party for Lilac in September if I thought people would come! She'll be sixteen! I love the mischief on Sweetheart's face. I hope everybody is feeling better soon!

  2. Glad Benny is improving. He does look like a gentle giant.

    Hope Sweetheart is soon over her cold and doesn't hold a grudge to Benny.

    Poor Ollie. I hope her tummy settles and she can become house clean. Is she going back to her adopter when she's ok?

  3. Sweetheart looks so good! I'm sorry everyone in the house is sick.

    Poor Ollie. I can't believe someone would return him for that reason.

    Lilac is going to be 16???

  4. Ollie messed in the house several times a day for like two weeks. He was very patient with her. I made the call that she needed to come back because I felt some of it was due to her needing another dog. My co-worker is now fostering to adopt another dog and it is working beautifully so far. I can't fault him for returning her because it really was the best thing for Ollie.

    No, Ollie is staying with me until she finds a home. She needs other dogs to be happy and you know my pack always contains at least three other ones. She and Sweetheart have a great time together outside (when it isn't a million degrees) so it all works well.

  5. Benny is beautiful. An extra bushy greyhound. :) I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding him a home.

    I love Sweetheart and am glad she is doing so well. My new boy, Ike, looks just like her, albeit with more hair. Though he's lost about 25% of his coat with this heat. We now have the pleasure of seeing all his spots. It reminds me of Sweetheart.

    I can't imagine having just one dog. I imagine most dogs would be lonely. I don't know how our Bailey did it for 7 year but I guess if you're raised alone it's not a big deal. Good luck finding Ollie a new home.

    Jess Kinsey

  6. I hope Benny and Sweetheart are both better by now. It's a shame Ollie's first foster to adopt didn't work out but maybe next time she'll be the right fit:) Perhaps she and Benny could go together;) Stranger things have happened!