Monday, January 31, 2011

The one I couldn't save. :(

At 5:30 this evening I got a call that there was an emaciated greyhound running loose around a Shell gas station off I-40 about 30 minutes from my home.  A construction worker (they are doing road construction on the interstate in that area) saw the dog while he was working today and brought it two bags of dog food.  He then called the Seminole Humane Society and they contacted us.  One of our board members met me out there and we split up and searched.  By this time it was dark and cold and windy.  We couldn't find the dog so our board member went into the convenience store and asked if there was any certain place the dog hung out.  He showed her the spot in a field where the dog usually lays and lo and behold the dog was there.  However, as soon as he saw our board member and the store employee he bolted and he did not show his face again.  The employee said that the dog has been hanging around for a couple of days and has not let anyone get near him, even when they had hot food for him.

My heart is saddened to think we couldn't save this dog.   I am afraid it will die tonight because we have a HUGE snow storm heading our way and bitterly cold temperatures are predicted for the next few days.

I honestly do not feel there was any way we could have saved this dog due to its skittish nature and the pitch black conditions.  However, that does not keep me from feeling sad and a bit guilty over it.  I am thankful Sweetheart doesn't have to suffer in the elements any longer and I just have to focus on the dogs I have helped.  These are the times when rescue is bittersweet though.

Hug your babies for me and be thankful that they are safe and warm with you!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweetheart the Bad

So last night I got to go to Oklahoma City (about 40 minutes from my home) at 2 a.m. to pick up two new foster greyhounds.  The owner of the dogs was going through OKC on his way to pick up dogs of his own in Kansas.  I pick up the two new fosters and get home about 3:30 a.m.  I take the two new fosters into the house and of course my herd of five are all over them, sniffing and sniffing, etc.  I was able to shoehorn both fosters into their respective crates with little problem.  I lay down on the couch to catch a little shut eye.  The new female whined a little but settled down after about 10 minutes.  Then, all of a sudden, I hear this deep bark coming from her crate.  I look over and there is Sweetheart, standing in front of the female foster's crate, posturing, with her tail and ears up all perky at attention.  Lovely little Sweetheart is taunting this new female, causing her to bark.  I get my trusty spray water bottle and spray Sweetheart for all I am worth.  Needless to say, Sweetheart treated this as a personal assault and looked at me like I sprayed her with acid.  She did however leave the new girl alone and laid down and I was able to get some sleep.  :)  Sometimes Mom has to put my foot down, even with Sweetheart.  :)

Tomorrow is Friday and I am glad of that.  Hope everyone has had a good week.



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Picture Challenge! Please respond by Sunday Jan. 30!

Yes I did get my snow day Thursday!  It was great and much needed.

There is one day left to vote in the 'Header Photograph" poll.  So far most of you who have voted have voted that I keep her shelter picture and add an 'after' picture beside it.  I think this is what I vote for as well.  I really do feel her shelter picture needs to stay on the blog.  Without it, I don't think the blog has that initial 'hook' that captures people's hearts and makes them what to read more.  Even I have gone back to the first pictures of this blog and still find it amazing that she was in such bad shape when we got her.  Seeing her now, you would never guess she almost died tied to a tree in the hot summer.

This blog is not just our blog (Sweetheart and mine) it is your blog too.  So many of you have been following her for months now and I want you to have a voice when it comes to big changes on this blog.

I have a challenge for everyone who reads this blog.  I need to know if there are any pictures on this blog that you think should go on the header for her 'after' picture.  If so, would you please email me ( picture you think should be featured next to her 'before' picture?  When you email me, email the date the picture was featured on the blog and any caption that is under that picture and why you chose that picture.  Or, if you don't find any picture on the blog you think works, let me know that as well.

Sweetheart and I have been playing a lot of 'purple rug monster' today.  She gives me the giggles EACH and EVERY time we play this game.  There is just something so funny about her flinging her front legs at this rug like it is a wild animal she must tame!  She has taken to laying herself on the entire rug while I pull her around the living room floor.  One of these days I swear I am going to throw my back out!

No more snow days are in my recent future I am afraid.  I will actually have to work the entire week this week, bummer!

Please help me with this blog challenge.  I appreciate everyone's input on all questions and polls I put on this blog!  Your opinion matters to Sweetheart and I!  Again, my email is:


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday before a storm

We are looking at some possible snow and ice in Oklahoma tonight.  I am hoping it is enough for them to close our office but not enough to lose power and keep me from enjoying a free day off.  :)

I have just finished responding to the last few emails I received from you guys regarding your fur babies.  I adored each and every one of your stories and pictures.  I read them all and will re-read them again before posting the pictures.  I was originally going to get the fur baby blog done last week but as you know that didn't happen.  Now that I have answered everyone (and if you haven't sent in an email to me and want to GO FOR IT!) I am ready to start my blog post.  However, it is a big job because there are lots of great pics to go through so be patient with me.

I am touched by how many of you adopted dogs that had been previously abused and/or neglected.  So many of you have commented to me how special I am for helping Sweetheart but I think you guys need to look in the mirror because you will see a special person staring right back at you!  I do not think of myself as special for rescuing Sweetheart and I bet you guys don't see yourself as special for adopting a rescue dog.  But you are and I guess I am too.

This blog has shown me how many wonderful people there are out there and how much each one of you love your fur babies just as much (if not more, I have seen how spoiled these dogs are in these pictures HAHA) as I love all of mine.  So I want to thank each of you for what you have done and continue to do for your fur babies.

One of my favorite quotes, I do not know who said it, is:  "Adopting one greyhound won't change the world but it will change the world for that one greyhound".  I think Sweetheart definitely embodies this saying!

Hope you all have had a good week.  I have been in an Eeyore mood the last couple of days.  I hope I get in a Pooh mood soon.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sleepy girl and more spots!

Sweetheart loves to snooze on the couch.

The face of innocence?  

Can you believe this leg was down to the bone just
five months ago?  See the two new black spots?  Les
noticed them the other day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fur baby post delayed

Sorry everyone, but the blog post featuring your fur babies is being delayed a bit.  I haven't gotten around to getting the pics clipped and pasted to the blog.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your fur babies and seeing their pictures.  I am always interested in hearing about your babies anytime.

Today I met a greyhound hauler and picked up three new foster greyhounds.  They are beautiful and HUGE!  Even the female was a big girl.  I had to squeeze all of them into my Dodge Neon since my PT Cruiser is being worked on.  They all fit pretty well, two in the back, one in the front.  I am sure we were quite a sight going down the highway.

I am so very lucky to have Dr. Kolar for our vet.  He normally closes the clinic at noon on Saturday.  Paul called him Friday and asked if he would open the clinic for me so I could board the three dogs (so I didn't have to bring them to my house and have to wait until Monday to take them in).  He said yes.  Dr. Kendi met me there at 3 this afternoon and we brought them in the clinic and kenneled them up.  Whew, I am so grateful that she met me there and did that for Fasthound.  Not many vet's offices do that nowadays and especially without charging for it.  They are special people at the Prague Veterinary Clinic and I am grateful for them.

Dr. Kendi graduated from OSU (Oklahoma State University) Veterinarian School.  The vet school keeps greyhounds on hand to be used as blood donors.  After two years, the OSU Vet School adopts the dogs out.  Dr. Kendi adopted Howdy (I may not be spelling it right) a few months ago.  He is six and a half and today was the first time I got to see him.  He is a gorgeous male who is white with brown patches on his face.  Below are a couple of pictures of him.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The dumbbell saga continues...this time on camera!

Sweetheart decided to 'help' me exercise again tonight.  Les was able to catch her in action.  I hope you all enjoy.

My Dad had his second and final stint surgery today.  All went well and he will be home tomorrow morning.  He was supposed to have three stints total but they do not have to do the third one because the vessel is too small.  I am so thankful he is doing well and so thankful he does not have to have a third surgery.  I hope he recovers quickly and feels as good as new ASAP.

One of my favorite fosters, Jackie, is coming back to my house in February.  The folks who were fostering to adopt her don't think they want to take on three greys (they have adopted two greys from us previously) in an apartment right now and I totally understand.  It is a lot to deal with when you have to walk them several times a day and have no fenced in yard to just let them out the back door.  As you may notice, I am far from unhappy that Jackie is coming back to our house.  She is my favorite foster.  I told myself I would adopt her if she came back but since I now have adopted the wild little Peanut Jackie will remain a foster but can stay at my house for as long as she is in our group.

I hope everyone likes the video.  Sweetheart is so funny with those dumbbells.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Do hand weights make good dog toys? Sweetheart says YES!

So tonight I figured I would do a little exercise while watching TV.  I grab my four pound red hand weights and start doing some reps.  Much to my surprise Sweetheart comes trotting over and is absolutely captivated by them.  As the weights go up and down, so does Sweetheart's head.  She perks her ears and then tries to jump and bite the weights.  I showed them to her and she tries to take them away from me.  I have to bob and weave around her little bean head to make sure I don't knock her out on the downward part of the reps.  I then move to a spot by their dog beds.  She ends up lying on the bed, watching the weights go up and down, up and down.  I swear I had her hypnotized.  I ended up giving her one and she starts gnawing and gnawing on it.  Finally, I had to take them away from her.  I put them on the floor, behind my recliner, and she was pushing her way between the couch and the recliner, trying to get them.  Silly girl. I finally made her go away so she couldn't get to them.

So, I have learned that if all the dog toys have been destroyed, hand weights, preferably rubber coated four pound weights, will work in a pinch!

If you haven't emailed me your fur baby stories and pictures, please try to do so by Friday.  I would like to have a blog post done Saturday evening!  Thanks to everyone who has sent me their babies stories and pictures.  I promise I will reply to everyone!


Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sweetheart at the mall.  Notice the fancy collar.  It has hearts
all over it and is so pretty on her.  Of course her spots are shining
through as usual!

Sweetheart did FABULOUS at the Shawnee Mall Show and Tail event today.  She went up to everyone.  She wagged her tail and then leaned into most everyone that stood still long enough.  She loves children and is patient with them, even when one girl sat behind her and petted her tail.  The random loud noises at the mall didn't phase her much.  She would perk her ears and look towards the noise and then she would forget it.  I am so thankful she did well on her first outing. This gives me a hope that she may do well in class.

So far I have gotten a wonderful response to my request for fur baby pictures and stories.  Please keep the emails coming.  One of you told me something cool I didn't know.  Sweetheart's blog is featured in Celebrating Greyhounds magazine in the section "Greyhound Blog Worth Reading" on page 39 of their winter 2010 issue.  I do not subscribe to that magazine and had absolutely no idea her blog was mentioned.  If anyone out there has a copy of that issue, can you scan and email me that page so I can see it?  Thank you to the fan that brought this to my attention, it makes me happy to know Sweetheart is getting into magazines!

I am going through the emails you all have sent and hopefully I will be able to publish a blog dedicated to all of your babies!  As loyal fans you deserve to have your babies in the spotlight!  I love hearing your stories and knowing their are other crazy dog guys and gals out there just like Les and I!!!

Thank you for following my little Peanut's exploits.  I was such a proud mom today at the mall.  :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Request for Sweetheart's fans

I have a favor to ask each one of you who consider yourself Sweetheart fans.  Ever since I started the blog all her fans have wanted pictures of her.  We have provided these and video as best as we can.

Now I would like each of you who own dogs or cats or whatever type of animals to email me a picture or pictures to

I have shared my babies with you and I would like for you to do the same for me.  I will not share these pictures with anyone unless you say it is ok.  If you say it is ok, I will post them on a special blog post.  I am really interested in seeing your fur babies.  Please list their names and include their nicknames and if you want, include how you got them and any stories you would like to share about them.  One of Sweetheart's fans emailed me pics of their fur babies today and I just LOVED seeing all of the pics and hearing about their fur kids.

I love emails so don't worry about keeping them short, I will read each one and respond to each one!

Thanks in advance for your fur baby pictures and stories.  Sweetheart and I will be very sad if we don't get a good email response.

Jess and Sweetheart

Stitches and the BAD PEANUT!

The title line probably made some of you go:  HUH?  Well there is a good reason for that title line.

I was gong to try to take the spay stitches out last night but the incision line looked a little oozy.  I was afraid if I took them out then I might cause problems if the wound wasn't fully healed.

Les called Dr. Kolar's office at eight a.m. and made an appointment to take her in at 9:45 a.m..  Les gets her there and Dr. Kendi starts examining Sweetheart's incision site.  She wipes the site several times with alcohol and keeps poking around.  She finds two stitches and removes them.  Further sleuthing finds NO other stitches.  Ahh, my (yes my, because all my own dogs seem to be rotten and do these kinds of things)lovely little two year old chewed ALL of the other stitches out, even the so called 'mattress' stitch, which I guess is supposed to be a stitch that is virtually impossible to remove without causing damage.  Dr. Kendi had Dr. Kolar exam Sweetheart after she was done searching and he confirmed that all the stitches had been chewed out but no damage had been done. 

Ugh, goofy dog.  We are lucky she didn't cause damage by doing that.  He said her incision site will look better in a few days.  Right now it is kind of puckered.  Dr. Kolar said she is fine and I am now going to deem her fully recovered from her horrible neglect!  YAY!!

I will be taking her to the mall tomorrow and will let her wear one of her fancy collars (she has seven fancy ones thanks to her generous fans out there).  She will be Peanut Fancy Pants tomorrow.  :)  She will share time at the mall with the black foster, Britt, that you saw on yesterday's video.  I hope she does well at the mall and doesn't act a fool. 

Today is Friday, the best day of the week!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Oklahoma is going to get some nasty weather in these next 3-4 days.  The dogs are not going to be happy about it I bet.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Video!



Sweetheart is doing well, no problems with the incision site.  She is due to have her stitches removed tomorrow.  I am going to see if I can remove them myself tomorrow and if I am not able to, then I will take her to Dr. Kolar's Saturday morning.

Saturday I will be at the Shawnee Mall in Shawnee Oklahoma from 1-4 for our first greyhound show and tail event of 2011.  I am going to bring Sweetheart so she can get used to different environments.  If any of you are out and about and in the area, stop by and say hi!

Friday, February 4th at 7:00 p.m., the Oklahoma Baron's hockey team is having a Miracles on Ice game that will benefit local non-profit groups like Fasthound.  For every person that designates Fasthound as their chosen charity group, the Baron's will donate $4.00 directly to Fasthound!  Paul and I are going to try to reserve a block of seats for anyone interested in joining us to watch the game.  Tickets run $12-$36 per person.  The block of seats we hope to reserve will be priced at $21.00 per person.  If are you interested in helping Fasthound and joining our volunteers for a fun filled evening of hockey, let me know.  You can mail us a check for the $21.00 ticket or donate the price via paypal and designate on paypal that it is for the Baron's game.  Remember, in order for Fasthound to receive the $4.00, you must tell the ticket agent or mark on your ticket that you wish Fasthound to benefit from your purchase.  

I need to take some pictures of Sweetheart so that you all can see her.  She hasn't changed any since the last pictures/video but I know how everyone likes pictures of the wild child!  She continues to be a complete wild child outside and in the house.  Poor Cleo can't shake her.  They were playing the other night in the house and Cleo had had enough and got a little rough with Sweetheart.  Sweetheart screamed like a wounded animal (I checked, no scrapes, bites or blood) and ran away.  HEHE, serves her right for not letting Cleo move an inch without gnawing on her.  :)

The end of the work week is almost here.  I am so ready for the weekend!  Hope everyone had a good first week of 2011!


Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, it's official, Sweetheart is enrolled in obedience class.  Class starts Friday January 14th at 8:00 p.m.  The first class is for humans only. The class lasts for seven weeks.  I am taking her to Positively Canine in Oklahoma City.  What is so funny is that the owner and instructor have been following Sweetheart's blog for a while.  I asked my friend who takes her greyhound there for classes if she is the one who told the owner about Sweetheart and the blog.  My said she wasn't, that the people at Positively Canine knew about Sweetheart before she told them.  I am constantly amazed at what a small world this is and how many people the little Peanut has touched.  

Wish us luck!  I hope Sweetheart isn't too surly with the other dogs in class.  Socialization with other dogs outside our home and in different environments is definitely something she needs.  I don't want my dog to be the class reject!!  I guess I could always play the cruelty card and say she deserves special treatment :)  Just kidding.  No special treatment for her.  Well, maybe I could get her some sliced cheese if she does well.

Hope the first Monday of the new year was a good one for everyone out there.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year in Review

2010 was quite a year for me.  I would have never guessed some of the things that happened would have occurred.

In 2010, I watched a friend fight cancer and ultimately die from it.  My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and my father had a heart attack. I traveled to Key West, New Orleans, McKinney Texas (twice) and Escanaba Michigan.   I rescued and helped rehabilitate a little greyhound named Sweetheart and I started a blog that has been viewed worldwide.

When I read all of these things, I think, wow, what a year.  There were bad things that happened and there were good things that happened.  Even though there was quite a bit bad, I tried and still try to take good from them.  My friend suffering and dying had the biggest impact on my life and continues to do so.  While I am still sad that she has died, her struggle and death have changed me for the better.  I see things differently and don't worry about little things and live more in the moment.  I try to let my family and friends know I care about them and try not to leave things unsaid.

My father having a heart attack and my grandmother being diagnosed with cancer was a shock.  The heart attack more so.  However, I am lucky in that I have a great relationship with them both.  I am very thankful that each of them are doing well and continue to hope treatment goes well.

Rescuing Sweetheart and caring for her these past four and a half months has been very very special for me and will always be so no matter how long I have her.  I am thankful for Dr. Kolar and staff. I am thankful for Lester for being so suppportive during her recovery, especially when her leg smelled like rotten meat!!!

I never thought I would start a blog, it was never something that even interested me.  Thank you Courtney for urging me to do so.  I never thought that Sweetheart's blog would become such a hit all over the world.  Wow, talk about exciting.  I feel I have made some good friends through this blog and I realize that the world is really small after all.  I would love to be able to visit each and every one of you in person to say thank you for supporting Sweetheart and listening to my worries and stories.

I hope every one of you had a good 2010.  Tell me a few things that touched your life in 2010.  I would love to hear about them.  Email them or post them as a comment.

I am looking into obedience class for Sweetheart.  My friend has suggested a place in Oklahoma City to take her and I just need to pick a date and time and start the process.  If she passes obedience the next step is therapy dog training.  I hope very much to do this.  I really want to do it and not just talk about it.  Perhaps everyone out there following this blog can hold me accountable and give me encouragement to do see it through.  :)

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog and continues to do so.  It has meant a lot to me that so many strangers from all over the world care about this little girl.  It is truly amazing and a great gift!

Happy 2011.  I hope the new year has been good to you already!

Jess and Sweetheart!