Monday, January 10, 2011

Do hand weights make good dog toys? Sweetheart says YES!

So tonight I figured I would do a little exercise while watching TV.  I grab my four pound red hand weights and start doing some reps.  Much to my surprise Sweetheart comes trotting over and is absolutely captivated by them.  As the weights go up and down, so does Sweetheart's head.  She perks her ears and then tries to jump and bite the weights.  I showed them to her and she tries to take them away from me.  I have to bob and weave around her little bean head to make sure I don't knock her out on the downward part of the reps.  I then move to a spot by their dog beds.  She ends up lying on the bed, watching the weights go up and down, up and down.  I swear I had her hypnotized.  I ended up giving her one and she starts gnawing and gnawing on it.  Finally, I had to take them away from her.  I put them on the floor, behind my recliner, and she was pushing her way between the couch and the recliner, trying to get them.  Silly girl. I finally made her go away so she couldn't get to them.

So, I have learned that if all the dog toys have been destroyed, hand weights, preferably rubber coated four pound weights, will work in a pinch!

If you haven't emailed me your fur baby stories and pictures, please try to do so by Friday.  I would like to have a blog post done Saturday evening!  Thanks to everyone who has sent me their babies stories and pictures.  I promise I will reply to everyone!



  1. It always cracks me up what things they'll get intrigued by! One of ours was obsessed with the feather duster -- to the point we had to trick him into going to another room if we wanted to use it at all!

    I honestly lost track of who I e-mailed and who I didn't. It's very possible that I forgot to e-mail it to you. I can send you the part I wrote and sent in through e-mail, but it won't be the final edited copy, and it probably won't have the pretty pictures from the magazine (which is one of my favorite things about that magazine, actually), but you can read what I wrote! lol I think you have my e-mail by now, so let me know if you want it.

  2. hahah handweights are dumbbells, right? Maybe you could get her retrieving those obedience dumbbells? :)

  3. Are you going to put the heavier ones out?:)