Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweetheart the Bad

So last night I got to go to Oklahoma City (about 40 minutes from my home) at 2 a.m. to pick up two new foster greyhounds.  The owner of the dogs was going through OKC on his way to pick up dogs of his own in Kansas.  I pick up the two new fosters and get home about 3:30 a.m.  I take the two new fosters into the house and of course my herd of five are all over them, sniffing and sniffing, etc.  I was able to shoehorn both fosters into their respective crates with little problem.  I lay down on the couch to catch a little shut eye.  The new female whined a little but settled down after about 10 minutes.  Then, all of a sudden, I hear this deep bark coming from her crate.  I look over and there is Sweetheart, standing in front of the female foster's crate, posturing, with her tail and ears up all perky at attention.  Lovely little Sweetheart is taunting this new female, causing her to bark.  I get my trusty spray water bottle and spray Sweetheart for all I am worth.  Needless to say, Sweetheart treated this as a personal assault and looked at me like I sprayed her with acid.  She did however leave the new girl alone and laid down and I was able to get some sleep.  :)  Sometimes Mom has to put my foot down, even with Sweetheart.  :)

Tomorrow is Friday and I am glad of that.  Hope everyone has had a good week.




  1. HI Jess,
    This is the third time that I have come to your blog. I love love love sight hounds!!! I have rescued 3 in the past. One was an Ibizan hound, one was a Whippet and one was part whippet part lab. I still have the part whippet girl Bambi. I rescued her when she was 5 months old. March the first 98 almost 13 years ago.
    I am a follower of yours and would LOVE to come to visit a lot more often but I am on dial up and everything I do takes soso much time that if you don't come and visit with me then I don't really have the time to come and see you,,, and,,, I so want to!!

  2. I can't believe that Sweetheart would ever misbehave! :P Oh, those little girls are full of sass aren't they? I can just picture her trying to get the foster to play.

  3. You really shouldn't tell fibs about Sweetheart! I can't imagine that sweet girl doing that! LOL!!!

  4. hahahahah! nooo but sweetheart is so sweeeeeeeet haha

  5. I am absolutely at a loss for can you now tell us that cute little angel Sweetheart has a wicked side;)

    Glad the water spray worked:)

    Hope the two Greys find their forever homes soon.

  6. I'm not surprised ... it's the dogs with the most innocent expressions who are hiding lots of naughtiness:) I love naughty dogs! Sweetheart has probably got lots more tricks up her sleeve to show you in the months to come.

  7. hee. hee. that's pretty funny!