Friday, January 7, 2011

Request for Sweetheart's fans

I have a favor to ask each one of you who consider yourself Sweetheart fans.  Ever since I started the blog all her fans have wanted pictures of her.  We have provided these and video as best as we can.

Now I would like each of you who own dogs or cats or whatever type of animals to email me a picture or pictures to

I have shared my babies with you and I would like for you to do the same for me.  I will not share these pictures with anyone unless you say it is ok.  If you say it is ok, I will post them on a special blog post.  I am really interested in seeing your fur babies.  Please list their names and include their nicknames and if you want, include how you got them and any stories you would like to share about them.  One of Sweetheart's fans emailed me pics of their fur babies today and I just LOVED seeing all of the pics and hearing about their fur kids.

I love emails so don't worry about keeping them short, I will read each one and respond to each one!

Thanks in advance for your fur baby pictures and stories.  Sweetheart and I will be very sad if we don't get a good email response.

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. oh no... where do i even begin? :)

  2. Sweetheart reminds me so much of my Molly, including all the spots!

    When we first adopted her in April we were getting so many questions about how she was doing, that it was easier for her to get her own facebook page to post regular updates. Feel free to check it out :)!/pages/Molly-the-Greyhound/100283710014745