Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The dumbbell saga continues...this time on camera!

Sweetheart decided to 'help' me exercise again tonight.  Les was able to catch her in action.  I hope you all enjoy.

My Dad had his second and final stint surgery today.  All went well and he will be home tomorrow morning.  He was supposed to have three stints total but they do not have to do the third one because the vessel is too small.  I am so thankful he is doing well and so thankful he does not have to have a third surgery.  I hope he recovers quickly and feels as good as new ASAP.

One of my favorite fosters, Jackie, is coming back to my house in February.  The folks who were fostering to adopt her don't think they want to take on three greys (they have adopted two greys from us previously) in an apartment right now and I totally understand.  It is a lot to deal with when you have to walk them several times a day and have no fenced in yard to just let them out the back door.  As you may notice, I am far from unhappy that Jackie is coming back to our house.  She is my favorite foster.  I told myself I would adopt her if she came back but since I now have adopted the wild little Peanut Jackie will remain a foster but can stay at my house for as long as she is in our group.

I hope everyone likes the video.  Sweetheart is so funny with those dumbbells.



  1. I think Sweetheart needs a dumbell of her own! lol At least you aren't using those crazy shaky weights. I bet that would drive her nuts!

    I haven't forgotten about scanning the article. We got home last night and had to get Blueberry and her broken toe settled. Hubby is still promising me he'll get it scanned tonight!

  2. I caught that where you adopted Sweetheart! How wonderful!!! By the way, I am laughing my tail off at her trying to steal those weights. How adorable.

  3. Adorable!

    Now that you've adopted her, she's been declared "cured", and is spayed...when are you going to update your header?

  4. Wishing your Dad all the best for a quick recovery.

    Sweetheart just looks better and better.

  5. What burned more calories, the weight lifting or trying to wrestle them away from Peanut?

  6. Good question Mrs. Gunn. Probably wrestling with Peanut. She is stronger than she looks and is quite tenacious!

    Houndstooth: What are they doing for the broken toe? Amputation or are they wrapping the paw to keep it immobile while it heals? Is it one of the outside toes or an inside toe. Here's hoping the healing goes quickly. Jackie's toe healed at bionic speed!

    Barbara: I am going to address the header question in the next blog post. :)

  7. so funny!!! we had a rottie named bruno who would eat every ball, so finally we had to give him a bowling ball!!! it was the funniest thing to watch how frustrated he would get because he couldn't destroy it! he had a fantastic hoarse bark/growl when he "played" with it. :)
    here's to a speedy recovery for your dad!

  8. Now when you can lift the dumbbell with Sweetheart attached, you'll know you have muscles.

    So glad you dad is doing well.