Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sweetheart at the mall.  Notice the fancy collar.  It has hearts
all over it and is so pretty on her.  Of course her spots are shining
through as usual!

Sweetheart did FABULOUS at the Shawnee Mall Show and Tail event today.  She went up to everyone.  She wagged her tail and then leaned into most everyone that stood still long enough.  She loves children and is patient with them, even when one girl sat behind her and petted her tail.  The random loud noises at the mall didn't phase her much.  She would perk her ears and look towards the noise and then she would forget it.  I am so thankful she did well on her first outing. This gives me a hope that she may do well in class.

So far I have gotten a wonderful response to my request for fur baby pictures and stories.  Please keep the emails coming.  One of you told me something cool I didn't know.  Sweetheart's blog is featured in Celebrating Greyhounds magazine in the section "Greyhound Blog Worth Reading" on page 39 of their winter 2010 issue.  I do not subscribe to that magazine and had absolutely no idea her blog was mentioned.  If anyone out there has a copy of that issue, can you scan and email me that page so I can see it?  Thank you to the fan that brought this to my attention, it makes me happy to know Sweetheart is getting into magazines!

I am going through the emails you all have sent and hopefully I will be able to publish a blog dedicated to all of your babies!  As loyal fans you deserve to have your babies in the spotlight!  I love hearing your stories and knowing their are other crazy dog guys and gals out there just like Les and I!!!

Thank you for following my little Peanut's exploits.  I was such a proud mom today at the mall.  :)



  1. *blushing* Oh, I'm sorry! I should have told you about that, and I thought I did. I wrote the article! I'm waiting to get my copy of it to get here, too. I'll see if I can get an extra copy of the magazine and send it to you!

    I am so glad that Sweetheart did well at the mall! Well, I never doubted that she would after seeing the videos of her and hearing about her. She sounds like she'll be one of those great bomb proof dogs that you can take anywhere and be proud of!

  2. I would love to see the article too Houndstooth! Could you scan it and send it to me?

  3. Houndstooth: Don't apologize! I am thrilled you wrote the article and that it was published. I don't remember you telling me about it but I am certainly glad you took the time to write it. How exciting. Sweetheart is in a magazine!!! Bomb proof, that is so funny because my Bavarian is like that. We always joke that a bomb could go off in the house and he might look up but most likely he wouldn't! Nothing phases him except electrical cords. I think he thinks they are snakes. :) I wonder if CG Magazine would allow me to post the article on the blog?

  4. That collar looks so good on that pretty girl. She looks so healthy and happy there! Good that the noises and children don't bother her. I took Buddy to a meet & greet today and he is such a wall flower when we are out. He is scared of things and especially small children. If they approach him, he is okay, but as soon as they talk, he backs away and gets nervous. He is such a sweet goofy boy, he just doesn't "show" well.

  5. That collar is lovely.

    Glad it all went well at the Mall. Hope the black dog got loads of interest.

    Will get my email off to you later today.