Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fur baby post delayed

Sorry everyone, but the blog post featuring your fur babies is being delayed a bit.  I haven't gotten around to getting the pics clipped and pasted to the blog.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your fur babies and seeing their pictures.  I am always interested in hearing about your babies anytime.

Today I met a greyhound hauler and picked up three new foster greyhounds.  They are beautiful and HUGE!  Even the female was a big girl.  I had to squeeze all of them into my Dodge Neon since my PT Cruiser is being worked on.  They all fit pretty well, two in the back, one in the front.  I am sure we were quite a sight going down the highway.

I am so very lucky to have Dr. Kolar for our vet.  He normally closes the clinic at noon on Saturday.  Paul called him Friday and asked if he would open the clinic for me so I could board the three dogs (so I didn't have to bring them to my house and have to wait until Monday to take them in).  He said yes.  Dr. Kendi met me there at 3 this afternoon and we brought them in the clinic and kenneled them up.  Whew, I am so grateful that she met me there and did that for Fasthound.  Not many vet's offices do that nowadays and especially without charging for it.  They are special people at the Prague Veterinary Clinic and I am grateful for them.

Dr. Kendi graduated from OSU (Oklahoma State University) Veterinarian School.  The vet school keeps greyhounds on hand to be used as blood donors.  After two years, the OSU Vet School adopts the dogs out.  Dr. Kendi adopted Howdy (I may not be spelling it right) a few months ago.  He is six and a half and today was the first time I got to see him.  He is a gorgeous male who is white with brown patches on his face.  Below are a couple of pictures of him.


  1. LOL i cannot believe you fit them into a dodge neon!! call me next time and i will get you some help! that's awesome that Dr. Kolar let you take them in! can't wait to hear about the newbies :)

  2. Emily: I had several folks who would have either gone with me or offered the use of their own cars. I just decided to try the Neon since I only had to go about 8 miles to Kolar's. It worked out greyt, thankfully!

  3. Oh wow! He is a stunner! The white dogs are my big weakness!

    You really are blessed to have such a wonderful vet. It's nice to know there are still decent people in the world!

  4. Lovely dog. Don't let Sweetheart see him, or she'll be smitten:)