Friday, January 7, 2011

Stitches and the BAD PEANUT!

The title line probably made some of you go:  HUH?  Well there is a good reason for that title line.

I was gong to try to take the spay stitches out last night but the incision line looked a little oozy.  I was afraid if I took them out then I might cause problems if the wound wasn't fully healed.

Les called Dr. Kolar's office at eight a.m. and made an appointment to take her in at 9:45 a.m..  Les gets her there and Dr. Kendi starts examining Sweetheart's incision site.  She wipes the site several times with alcohol and keeps poking around.  She finds two stitches and removes them.  Further sleuthing finds NO other stitches.  Ahh, my (yes my, because all my own dogs seem to be rotten and do these kinds of things)lovely little two year old chewed ALL of the other stitches out, even the so called 'mattress' stitch, which I guess is supposed to be a stitch that is virtually impossible to remove without causing damage.  Dr. Kendi had Dr. Kolar exam Sweetheart after she was done searching and he confirmed that all the stitches had been chewed out but no damage had been done. 

Ugh, goofy dog.  We are lucky she didn't cause damage by doing that.  He said her incision site will look better in a few days.  Right now it is kind of puckered.  Dr. Kolar said she is fine and I am now going to deem her fully recovered from her horrible neglect!  YAY!!

I will be taking her to the mall tomorrow and will let her wear one of her fancy collars (she has seven fancy ones thanks to her generous fans out there).  She will be Peanut Fancy Pants tomorrow.  :)  She will share time at the mall with the black foster, Britt, that you saw on yesterday's video.  I hope she does well at the mall and doesn't act a fool. 

Today is Friday, the best day of the week!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Oklahoma is going to get some nasty weather in these next 3-4 days.  The dogs are not going to be happy about it I bet.



  1. Leave it to Sweetie to figure out how to avoid the vet!! Too bad it backfired on her, but I'm glad she's okay!!

  2. Well, that just proves that Miss Sweetheart is one smart little girl, figuring out how to undo her stitches like that! Obviously, the girl is going to keep you on your toes.

    Well, well-behaved women never made history, and perhaps that applies to dogs, too. I hope she behaves tomorrow, but really, which story would be more entertaining? Sure, we'll all be glad if she's a good girl, but we'll all be having a good laugh if she's not! ;)