Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday before a storm

We are looking at some possible snow and ice in Oklahoma tonight.  I am hoping it is enough for them to close our office but not enough to lose power and keep me from enjoying a free day off.  :)

I have just finished responding to the last few emails I received from you guys regarding your fur babies.  I adored each and every one of your stories and pictures.  I read them all and will re-read them again before posting the pictures.  I was originally going to get the fur baby blog done last week but as you know that didn't happen.  Now that I have answered everyone (and if you haven't sent in an email to me and want to GO FOR IT!) I am ready to start my blog post.  However, it is a big job because there are lots of great pics to go through so be patient with me.

I am touched by how many of you adopted dogs that had been previously abused and/or neglected.  So many of you have commented to me how special I am for helping Sweetheart but I think you guys need to look in the mirror because you will see a special person staring right back at you!  I do not think of myself as special for rescuing Sweetheart and I bet you guys don't see yourself as special for adopting a rescue dog.  But you are and I guess I am too.

This blog has shown me how many wonderful people there are out there and how much each one of you love your fur babies just as much (if not more, I have seen how spoiled these dogs are in these pictures HAHA) as I love all of mine.  So I want to thank each of you for what you have done and continue to do for your fur babies.

One of my favorite quotes, I do not know who said it, is:  "Adopting one greyhound won't change the world but it will change the world for that one greyhound".  I think Sweetheart definitely embodies this saying!

Hope you all have had a good week.  I have been in an Eeyore mood the last couple of days.  I hope I get in a Pooh mood soon.



  1. Jess, I hope you get your snow day.

    Thanks for your lovely email. I'm looking forwad to seeing all the other fur babies.

  2. I sure hope you got your snow day! I've been home sick all week, and I would actually prefer to go back to work at some point! lol

    I look at our dogs and while all four of them are adopted, including the German Shepherd, none of them were really what I'd consider a rescue. They weren't in danger, just waiting for the right place for them to come along. I look at Sweetheart as a true rescue because she was in danger. But it doesn't really matter, because what you call it, because they are mine and that's what really matters to me! :)