Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Picture Challenge! Please respond by Sunday Jan. 30!

Yes I did get my snow day Thursday!  It was great and much needed.

There is one day left to vote in the 'Header Photograph" poll.  So far most of you who have voted have voted that I keep her shelter picture and add an 'after' picture beside it.  I think this is what I vote for as well.  I really do feel her shelter picture needs to stay on the blog.  Without it, I don't think the blog has that initial 'hook' that captures people's hearts and makes them what to read more.  Even I have gone back to the first pictures of this blog and still find it amazing that she was in such bad shape when we got her.  Seeing her now, you would never guess she almost died tied to a tree in the hot summer.

This blog is not just our blog (Sweetheart and mine) it is your blog too.  So many of you have been following her for months now and I want you to have a voice when it comes to big changes on this blog.

I have a challenge for everyone who reads this blog.  I need to know if there are any pictures on this blog that you think should go on the header for her 'after' picture.  If so, would you please email me ( picture you think should be featured next to her 'before' picture?  When you email me, email the date the picture was featured on the blog and any caption that is under that picture and why you chose that picture.  Or, if you don't find any picture on the blog you think works, let me know that as well.

Sweetheart and I have been playing a lot of 'purple rug monster' today.  She gives me the giggles EACH and EVERY time we play this game.  There is just something so funny about her flinging her front legs at this rug like it is a wild animal she must tame!  She has taken to laying herself on the entire rug while I pull her around the living room floor.  One of these days I swear I am going to throw my back out!

No more snow days are in my recent future I am afraid.  I will actually have to work the entire week this week, bummer!

Please help me with this blog challenge.  I appreciate everyone's input on all questions and polls I put on this blog!  Your opinion matters to Sweetheart and I!  Again, my email is:



  1. I don't see where to email you, so I'll put my entry here. Nov. 2 post, Sweetie with her arms over her head being silly. Such a juxtaposition to the horrible "before" photo.

  2. Sorry about that, normally my email shows at the top of the blog but I didn't see it either when I wasn't logged directly into the blog. I will add your vote!

    Email is:

  3. I can't think of a picture of Sweetheart that really jumps out to me. Maybe you should see if you can get a good picture of her just being her to use. Wanting to see more pictures of Sweetheart has NOTHING to do with my suggestion! *grin*

  4. I vote with Barbara! I use this picture of SH for my computer background. I removed my own hound's puppy picture so I could use SH. That says something. I just smile every time I see her looking so happy.


  5. This is hard as there are loads of photos that show Sweetheart being cute, but they don't necessarily show how much she's recovered since that first photo.

    I will have a look through and email you.

    Glad you got your snow day.

  6. If you could take a picture of her in the same position as she is in the original picture of her at the shelter that would be a good comparison. I do like the first picture of her at the Yappy hour in Oct