Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweets in a new home!

This weekend Les and I are taking a well deserved mini vacation at a bed and breakfast.  Sweetheart is being watched by a good friend of ours.

I took Sweets to her 'new' home this morning.  First thing she does is squat and pees on their living room carpet!  ARGH, bad, bad girl.  I yelled "what are you doing"!  She instantly stopped peeing and hoofed it for their backdoor.  Yeesh.

Below is a picture of Sweets and Tracy on the couch this evening.  I think she is settling in quite nicely.

Hopefully Sweets won't do anything else this weekend to embarrass me!!

I sort of feel like a new mom, worrying about my child's first sleepover.  Besides a few times being at the vet's, I have not been away from Sweetheart since she came home September 2010!!

Jess and Sweets!


  1. My Sadie does that just about every time I take her on a home visit. She is worse than a boy! Enjoy your vacation. I must admit I was freaking out when I saw the title of your post!

  2. Thanks for posting again. Missed you and Sweetheart. Have a wonderful trip and I know how you feel. When I'm gone,I have my dog sitter call me every night just to give me peace of mind and my husband & I also look at the "kids" photos before we call it a night. Sicko dog

  3. Glad you are back. I missed hearing about Sweets. We hate to leave our greys when we go away. Lately, we have found someone to come to the house several times a day so that's better than a boarding kennel full of yapping dogs.