Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Sweets Home!

Sweetheart is home.  Les and I picked her up today about 2:00.  She was really excited to see the both of us!  I had this fear in the back of my mind that she would forget about me.

My friend and her family had a good time with Sweetheart.  They said she was a great dog and that they are in love with her.  :)  I am so glad she was a good girl at their house.  My friend said Sweetheart would lay her head in her lap and across her arm whenever she would sit down.  She also did great when they were gone from the house and left her out of her crate.  She gave them the sad eyes when they tried to crate her that they only crated her twice.  Sweets is no fool, she knows how to work her humans.

Les and I had a great time at the bed and breakfast by Ardmore Oklahoma.  They had a cat named "Eggs" that lives on the front porch of the Inn.  He would greet you each time you walked outside.  I loved having a chance to be around a cat again since I lost Kitty in February.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I will bring the rest of my pack home tomorrow afternoon sometime.

Jess and Sweets

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweets in a new home!

This weekend Les and I are taking a well deserved mini vacation at a bed and breakfast.  Sweetheart is being watched by a good friend of ours.

I took Sweets to her 'new' home this morning.  First thing she does is squat and pees on their living room carpet!  ARGH, bad, bad girl.  I yelled "what are you doing"!  She instantly stopped peeing and hoofed it for their backdoor.  Yeesh.

Below is a picture of Sweets and Tracy on the couch this evening.  I think she is settling in quite nicely.

Hopefully Sweets won't do anything else this weekend to embarrass me!!

I sort of feel like a new mom, worrying about my child's first sleepover.  Besides a few times being at the vet's, I have not been away from Sweetheart since she came home September 2010!!

Jess and Sweets!