Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vet visit

Saturday morning I had to take Ollie to Dr. Kolar's.  She has been having issues with her stomach this last week and she has been having accidents in the house.  I stopped her antibiotics because I felt they were upsetting her stomach.  Kolar examined her and feels her intestines are inflamed/upset.  He is keeping her until mid week so he can keep an eye on her and give her her meds (she is a horrible pill taker).  Her antibiotics should be over with so hopefully she can be done with feeling icky.  Poor little thing, she is so pitiful looking when she isn't feeling well.

I decided to take Sweetheart with me to Dr. Kolar's so that they could see her.  It has been a while since they saw her and I wanted to have her visit them for a happy visit and not for treatment.  She did NOT want to stay in the office at first.  Dr. Kendi sat on the bench and was loving on her and hugging her and Sweetheart kept shivering.  Poor girl, she just knew she was going to have her leg scraped on.  :)  After a bit she calmed down and started warming up.

Everyone at Dr. Kolar's is amazed at how great she is doing, both physically and mentally.  Dr. Kolar saw her and said 'she looks pretty good for a dead dog'!  :)  He is very very pleased with how well her leg has healed and how much control she has over it.   For a time he was worried that she wouldn't have the full use of it.  Kolar is also pleased with all her muscles and he feels she is doing above and beyond what he ever expected.  I must admit I was a proud 'Mom' to hear my little girl praised!

After the vet visit I stopped by my mom and dad's house.  We sat out on the porch and watched the hummingbirds (my parent's have about 15-20 hummingbirds at any one time during the warm weather).  They were buzzing around and chattering and Sweetheart just watched and watched them with her ears perked.  It was so cute, she didn't know what the heck they were all about.  She got a couple of walks around my parent's property and my dad said she was like a bloodhound, sniffing all the scents along the trails.

We got home and Sweetheart passed out for a while.  All that excitement wore her out!!

Ollie will hopefully be home mid week sometime.  I hope she comes home with a settled tummy and is accident free in the house from here on out  I will try to get some pics of Ollie and Sweetheart soon.  I haven't posted pics in a while and I know everyone is wanting to see a few!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Mine was great and I think Sweetheart's was too.  :)

Jess and Sweetheart and Ollie


  1. Poor Ollie, I hope her stomach settles down. Would love to see photos of them both!

  2. Poor Ollie. I hope she is better and home with you very soon.

    Sure sounds like Sweetheart had a good weekend.

    Song and I send you all hugs.

  3. Poor Ollie. :( Hopefully she'll be back at full speed soon.
    How's Sweetheart doing with the chickens? She certainly is your little miracle puppy!

  4. Ollie,poor girl. Tom sends hugs, he isn't feeling well this week either. Sounds like Sweetheart needed a trip to the vet and have fun there! Maybe next time she won't be so nervous.

  5. It will be great to see photos of Ollie:) I hope she's all better by now and back at your place.