Friday, March 2, 2012

Still here!

Diva in a Red Chair
Sorry I haven't posted in SOOO long.  Everything is just fine with us.

Eve was still with me until yesterday.  The day before yesterday she broke a bone in her wrist on her front leg and is now in a huge cast. We think she broke it running in the back yard.  However, her foster to adopt mom wanted her regardless of the cast so Paul took her to her new foster to adopt home yesterday evening.  I must admit I am a bit sad because Eve turned into such a wonderful and goofy girl!!  She was so much fun to have for the five months I fostered her.

Sweetheart is doing great, as you can probably tell from the picture I took of her above this evening.  She is spoiled and rotten and just my silly girl.  She was bad yesterday, she tried to kill one of our hens that inadvertantly found its way into the back yard.  Lester swatted Sweets on the butt and he said she acted like he was killing her.  Sweets dropped the hen and screamed all dramatic like.  Yeesh.  However, Sweetheart survived and the hen did too (thankfully Sweets was muzzled).  Never a dull moment in this house.

I hope everyone is well.  Sweets has been great, totally healed from her mishap in October, doing  the meet and greets at the Shawnee Mall and basically just being the queen of this home.  It is hard to believe I have had her for over a year and a half!

Hope everyone is good!  Again, sorry I stayed gone so long.

Jess and Sweets


  1. silly hen, I bet she wont come into the yard again!

  2. So glad to hear from you! I was thinking about you guys a couple of weeks ago. So what if Sweets is spoiled, she deserves it!

  3. So nice to hear from you. Sweets sure looks happy.

    Glad Eve has gone to her forever home (hopefully).

  4. Thanks for posting again. Really missed you, glad Eve is getting her forever home and Sweetheart looks beautiful.

  5. Awww so sorry that Eve broke her wrist but I am sure her new Mom is spoiling her. I miss reading about Sweetheart so I am glad that you posted again :)