Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shelter girls

This past Sunday I received a text from one of our volunteers that there were two greyhounds in a shelter in Altus Oklahoma.  I called the shelter and left a message letting them know that we could take them if they were full blood greys.  The Animal Control Officer called me back and said he thought they were pure breed greyhounds and that since they were owner surrender dogs they could be picked up Monday when the shelter opened.

The ACO said that the dogs were more like a seizure instead of a surrender.  The ACO states that he drove by the owner's house and saw that the two greys were in rough condition and covered with ticks.  The owner stated that he was 'about to sell them to a guy' but the ACO told him that he either surrendered the dogs voluntarily to him or he would seize them forcefully and fine him.  The owner wisely chose to go the owner surrender route.

Monday morning I called in sick *cough cough* to work and Les and I made the two and a half hour drive down to Altus.  We arrived around 11 a.m.  They had the girls crated together as the ACO said that they were inseparable, that when one would get out of sight of the other they would whine.  One of the volunteers brought the girls out and sure enough, they were pure blood greys.  I checked their ears and they are even tattooed.  Both are a blond/fawn color and both were covered in big, fat ticks, even though they had been dipped by the shelter a day or so before.  Les and I loaded them in the car and headed to Dr. Kolar's at 85 mph with the windows down. Those two girls stunk to high heaven, as though they had been living in their own filth for quite some time.

Below is a picture of them riding in the car on the way to Dr. Kolar's.


I named the blond one Violet, she weighed 57 pounds and is the bigger and healthier looking of the two.  The darker, smaller one is Elise and she weighed 50.5 pounds.  Per their tattoos they were born in August 2009 and are indeed littermates.  Dr. Kendi has been giving me updates by text since Monday.  She finished their spay and teeth cleaning today.  Both are heartworm negative, whew.  They will be bathed tomorrow and will come home tomorrow afternoon after I get off of work.  We will get their blood panel back in a few days.  Hopefully they do not have any tick borne diseases.

Sweetheart is going to hate me for a few days for bringing these two girls home.  She doesn't like to share her 'mom' with other dogs.  Big, spoiled baby that she is.

Sweetheart is doing fine.  Eve is going to be formally adopted this week.  She is being adopted by a dog groomer who owns her own shop and takes Eve to work with her everyday.  I am so happy Eve has a great home, she is such a great dog!

Jess and Sweetheart!


  1. Those poor girls. You're really an incredible person (Les too) to do what you do for these houndies.

  2. Both dogs look lovely. Sure they will find their forever homes soon.

    Glad Sweetheart is doing ok and the Eve is going to be officially adopted this week.

  3. I'm sure you will get the "stink eye" from Sweetheart. I know my dogs are not happy with me when the smell other greyhounds on me. Thanks for going to get them. They look so sweet. The look in their eyes is almost appreciative. Hope they get to stay together. So glad they are heartworm negative. Now let's hope they don't have any tick diseases. Poor girls.

  4. Sweetheart will get over it and I thank you for what you. I am currently on my 5th greyt!