Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Violet and Elise

Les picked the girls up from Dr. Kolar's last Thursday.  The staff at Dr. Kolar's did such a good job getting the girls all clean and almost tick free.  It was quite a job as they had hundreds of ticks on them.  Both girls have some space issues and had a bit of food aggression at first.  The food aggression has been dealt with but the space issues are still going on a bit.  All of this is to be expected from dogs that were neglected and left to pretty much fend for themselves.

Violet is the more outgoing of the two.  She is very sweet and learned what the couch was the first night she was home.  She has also discovered our bed and has laid on it a few times.  The picture below is of her staring at me while I was sitting in my recliner.  It was taken last night.

The girls have been adamantly refusing to go outside and we have to drag them out, literally drag them by their collars.  It is quite ridiculous at times.  Violet is doing a bit better at going outside on her own but Elise is still terrible.  She will run in her crate and just lay there if she thinks she has to go out.  I guess if you had been left outside in your own filth, crawling with ticks and going hungry you wouldn't be so excited to go out either.

We did find out Violet has ehrlichia so she has to be on doxycycline for a month.  Violet bit Cleo in the middle of the night last night when Cleo jumped on the couch, onto Violet's leg.  Just a small puncture and a small tear in Cleo's back thigh.  Les ran her to Kolar's this morning and Dr. Kendi put six stitches in.  Ahhh, good times.

Both girls have gained weight and will have their spay stitches out Saturday.  Their tick scabs on both girls are healing nicely as is the gash in Elise's back leg.  The gash has to heal on its own since it had been open for about two weeks prior to us rescuing them.

So now we have Cleo on pills for a week, Violet on them for a month and Elise needing ointment on her leg for who knows how long.  :)

Sweets is doing pretty well with the girls overall.  She doesn't seem too terribly jealous, whew!

Jess and Sweets.


  1. Violet is adorable! I feel her pain, I just got done with ten days of Doxy for bronchitis. It turns out I'm allergic to it, too and I still have the hives to prove it. Anyway, I hope they're both feeling better soon!

  2. Glad the girls ended up with you, where they will get all the care and love they need.

    Hope all are in full health soon and able to find a forever home.

  3. poor dogs, i hope they learn to trust you and figure out they won't be left outside to rot...

  4. I love that little face! She's so cute. And I don't blame her - I wouldn't go outside either!

  5. I imagine it will take longer to heal the emotional wounds than the physical ones. Poor kids. Thanks for taking them in!

  6. Bless you and Les for all you are doing for these two. And I'm so proud of Sweetheart! Maybe she relates to them because of what she went though. The best to the whole household.