Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweetheart is HOME...again

Monte spending Friday evening passed out on a
slowly deflating airbed!

I picked up Sweetheart from Dr. Kolar's yesterday.  She was literally hopping up and down in the lobby and pawing the front door.  I think she might have lost a pound or two but that is normal what with being at the vet's office for five days and fighting infection, etc.  She will gain that back in a day or two knowing her.

When I asked Lynn how much we owed (Sweetheart was there since Monday mind you), she went into the back and asked Dr. Kolar.  She came back up front and told me he wasn't going to charge us.  WOW!  Another BIG thank you to Dr. Kolar and staff for the care they provided this go round and for not charging us.

Sweetheart was happy to be home.  She ran around the back yard with Cleo and came in and ate really well.  She took her anitbiotic like a trooper (wrapped in cheese so I guess I shouldn't be surprised she liked it).  She then proceeded to pass out on the air bed with me while I was reading.

Her leg looks good.  Well, good to me that is.  It is all dried up, no weeping wounds at all!  Now that the bandage is off and her leg is cleaned (yes, they cleaned all that gunk off of it) you can really see how much damage was done.  Her leg is indented fairly obviously where the rope and chain wore it down to the bone.  Even though it is odd looking, I am so very thankful that she has this leg.  I never thought she would be this far along in the healing process.  She is an amazing dog.

Dr. Kolar will not spay her for a few weeks.  I will keep an eye on her and the leg to make sure it is healing like it is supposed to.  Her leg has grown hair back on it, you can see that in the pictures I took.  Yes, her toenails are super long but he will most likely cut those when she is under anesthesia during the spay.  I am not touching that foot while her leg is still healing.  I would hate to cause more damage just for a toenail clipping.

Below are pictures that I took last night:



  1. Wow, she is healing nicely! Without that bandage, she will probably heal even quicker!

  2. Such good news an fabby photos.

  3. A clean leg and dirty fingernails! Oh well, it doesn't matter - she looks fabulous! By the pictures, she looks MORE than happy to be home!

    Thank goodness for Doctors with a heart - no charge - unbelievable!!!

  4. I believe Dr. Kolar may be a candidate for sainthood!

    I'm amazed that she didn't lose the leg, to be honest. She's a very lucky girl! I think if her fur ever grows back, it won't be that noticeable.

  5. She is absolutely incredible. Jess, have you guys thought about keeping her?

    Jess Kinsey

  6. what a pretty girl!!! we had a dog who used to eat the cheese and spit out the meds, all in her mouth!!! :) she's a border collie, clever girl! thanks for the reminder.

  7. I've missed a few days checking in and you've had all this drama, poor Sweetheart poor You, lovely Dr Kolar! What a saint for not charging you, Glad our girl is on the mend and that the bandage is OFF! Happy-dance.

    Cheers Spiffo, Cami (& Jakka)

  8. Considering all the damage her leg looks fantastic. Doc Kolar is incredible for not charging you, wish we could all find a vet like that. She sure looks happy to be home :)

  9. Yay for her coming home, thats great news. I have been wondering how she is doing (computer issues on my end).

    Something to ask Dr. Kolar about is DermaGel - its a fabulous product that helps with the healing., my vet gave it to me after Phoenix had emergency surgery on a cyst that had ruptured (was attached to one of his pads under his foot).

    We applied a small dabb of the gel twice a day. I was floored with how well it healed things.