Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday evening

Sweetheart had a bandage change today.  She had not really been using her leg as much the last couple of days.  Les found out why today.  She has a pressure sore on the bottom of one of the paw pads and a small rub wound on the side of one toe (from the toenail rubbing on it).  The last open wound has not healed but Les said it looks a little smaller and a little more oblong.  Thankfully there is no infection (I was rather worried about that one)

Sweetheart weighed 53.6 pounds.  That is great, it means she has gained back the pound she lost when her toe on her good leg became infected.
Sweetheart will have another bandage change the 10th and then will be spayed the 16th.  As I have said before, I am not looking forward to her spay as I do not like the fact that she will be experiencing more pain.  However, the pain will be short lived and I know spaying is the best thing for her in the long run.  It is just hard for me to put her through any more discomfort.

I am glad everyone enjoyed the pictures from Sweetheart's party.  I loved reading all of your comments.

I have been having my ups and downs this week since the death of my friend.  The funeral was yesterday and tomorrow I will be going over to her house as her husband wants me to pick something of hers out as a keepsake.  I think that is so gracious and lovely of him.  I have no idea what I will decide on, maybe a book or one of her cross stitch things (both things we loved to do).  I am grateful she was my friend and keepsake or no, I will always remember her.  I hope you have had or currently do have someone in your life as special of a friend as Debbie was to me and to many others.

Ok, enough sappy talk.  I hope everyone is having a good week.  I am looking forward to the weekend and hope everyone out there is too.

Talk to you soon.



  1. Aww! We're sorry her foot is sore. Hopefully it heals up soon. We'll have our fingers crossed for her through her spay surgery!

  2. I hope her sore heals soon, poor baby! I'll bet she'll be glad when that darned bandage is off for good!

    I'm so sorry you're having a tough week. Personally, if it were me (and it's not), I'd pick something she made with her own hands. Then you'll always have something she touched and loved. Her husband is kind for letting you do that.

    Here's to better times soon.

  3. Well, I guess the bandage won't be on for much longer now? And then there won't be any stopping Sweetie! Good luck for the spaying. That's probably the last hurdle for you guys and it will be all downhill from there:-)

    Yes, Debbie's death is going to affect you from time to time but it will be so wonderful to be able to pick something yourself as a keepsake that you will treasure:-)

  4. Hope Sweethearts leg soon heals up.

    Sending you both hugs (((Jess & Sweetheart)))

  5. Debbie made me a cross stitch picture before she died. She had worked on it off and on for several years and it was our running joke she would finish it for my retirement party (we worked together). She finished it several months ago because she wanted to have something to remember her by. I thought that was so sweet and sad at the same time. So I am lucky I already have something she took the time to make with her own two hands!

  6. Its interesting that Sweetheart was initially adopted out and was not spayed. I know it's difficult to subject our "babies" to pain, but hopefully with Anesthesia and pain meds the discomfort will be minimal.

    Regarding your friend Debbie - how did you meet each other? how long were you friends? I think all of us are getting to know your friend through your posts. it would be great to hear a little more about her.

    I think it is incredibly thoughtful for her husband to want you to have a keepsake. I'm sure her memory will always live on through you.

    God Bless