Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eve is home

Meet Eve!  She found the couch quickly!

I brought Eve home from Dr. Kolar's tonight.  She looks like a different dog!  Her eyes aren't filled with mucus, her nose isn't runny and she is clean.  She is still super thin but she is chowing down on dog food as we speak.

On the way home she climbed into the front seat and put her paws up on the dash.  I took her by my mom and dad's house on the way home and she did great.  All our dogs mobbed her at first and kind of scared her but all in all she did good holding her own.

I am sure she has been abused because when I was outside picking up sticks she would cower and run away from me when I would try to pet her.  That makes me sad to think she has been hurt at such a young age.  However, she is very sweet and takes pets great if you are sitting down or stop while standing and talk nice to her.

She weighs about 43 pounds, up from 42.2 pounds last Monday night.  She has a little cough but is on antibiotics for 10 days.  I am also going to give her a liquid vitamin supplement like I did with Sweetheart.  Her blood work wasn't too bad per Dr. Kendi so that is a good thing.

Eve must have been in a house before because she has sprawled out on the couch both times she has been inside.  I cannot imagine anyone starving and abandoning this sweet girl.  I am glad we were able to get her from the shelter when we did because I don't think she would have made it much longer.

She is kinda whiny in the house, I don't think she knows what to do with herself now that she is home and feeling good.

Jess, Sweetheart and Eve


  1. What a little cutie. She looks like she knows she's in the best hands:)

  2. Oh she is adorable! I'll bet she will be happy inside the house very soon. Especially since she loves the couch so much! I just don't understand how people can be so mean to such sweet dogs.

  3. She looks so wise and knowing. Soon she will realize how lucky she is to have such a wonderful new family to live with. It is wonderful she will know love and suffer no more.

  4. She's adorable. I hope she soon settles.

  5. She is such a cutie! She is a greyhound model in the making!

  6. That's good she already found the couch! She'll be a lazy couch potato in NO time!

  7. That's great that she is home and feeling better.