Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So Eve is still at Dr. Kolar's.  She is still coughing some and he doesn't want to release her home until he feels confident the 'bug' is gone.  I wish I could bring her home now darn it.

Celine has a fractured toe on her rear right foot.  She is in a splint.  I did get to bring her home Monday morning.  She goes back to Dr.Kolar's Saturday morning so he can check to see if the toe is healing..  If the toe is healing he will re-splint it and she will wear the splint for another two weeks.  If he doesn't feel it is healing like it should, he will go ahead and amputate the toe versus struggling to get it healed.  We have been through a  couple toe amputations.  They aren't bad unless the dog won't leave it alone (and Celine has proven to be a wound worrier) so she may have to wear a halo if it comes down to amputation.

ARGH!!!  Thankfully my three are healthy, paws and fingers crossed that nothing else comes up with the fosters.  When it rains it pours.

Luckily Celine is a natural on the splint.  She goes up and down the steps outside like a pro.  She also makes her way onto the couch with no problems.  She looks so funny 'roaching' on the couch with a big ole 'off white' splint.  :)

The doormat outside keeps 'moving' and I have my suspicions.  :)  I have a feeling Sweets is having fun with it.  She is such a silly goof.  I was cross stitching last night and she kept laying across my lap wanting attention, I wonder if she is spoiled at all?  Surely not?!!

I hope everyone is having a good week.  Mine is ok but will be better once Eve is home and Celine is healed!

Jess and Sweets


  1. I hope Eve is back with you soon.

    As to Sweetheart being spoilt - oh yes she is:)

    Glad Celine is coping with the splint. Hope her toe heals and she doesn't need it amputated.

  2. I hope Eve gets to come home soon, poor girl. And, I hope Celine's toe heals fast!