Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweetheart is hurt....but ok!

I hate writing this because I feel like SUCH a horrible dog owner.

Tonight I had Sweetheart, Cleo and Eve outside for a couple hours (it is beautiful weather).  Sweets and Cleo were muzzled.  Eve wasn't because she is a baby and can't really hurt the other dogs because of her overbite.  About 6 p.m. I let Monte out (unmuzzled because I never have to muzzle him, haven't for years) and not 5 minutes later I hear a horrendous scream in the backyard.  I run to the back door and see Sweetheart screaming with a HUGE gash in the front of her.  OMG is what I kept saying over and over while thinking to myself 'this cannot be happening to her'.  My thoughts are that Sweetheart tried to play with Monte and he lashed out.  He would have been the only one who could have hurt her since Cleo was muzzled and Eve is too docile and has that overbite that prevents her from doing much damage to anything..

I frantically called Dr. Kolar's office and luckily Dr. Kendi was there.  I was a basket case, which I normally am not, and I asked Dr. Kendi if I could bring her, didn't wait for her to answer, then sort of shouted into the phone that  I was going to be there in 30 minutes.  I got three of my dogs crated, a blanket in the car and Sweetheart loaded.  I called my Mom and Dad and they came over and watched the dogs for me.  I made it to Kolar's in record time.  I get there, fling open the PT Cruiser back door and get Sweetheart out of the car very gingerly.  As soon as I opened the door to the Kolar's office I just lost it and started crying.

Luckily Dr. Kendi was levelheaded and reassured me that it was only just a flesh wound.  An 8 inch flesh wound but a flesh would none the less.  She gave Sweetheart a shot of anesthesia and we carried her to the surgery table.  It is scary watching a dog under anesthesia, I was so scared she wouldn't keep breathing.  She did though and an hour later she was all stitched up.  Dr. Kendi gave her some oxygen and a shot of antibiotics after the surgery and we carried her into the kennel area.  Sweetheart was sleeping soundly when I left.  Dr. Kendi said she would check on her in a couple hours (about 9 or 10 p.m.) to make sure she was doing ok.

After all was said and done, I walked outside to get in the car, I noticed that in my haste to get Sweets inside I didn't even close the door of the PT.  It was wide open the whole time.  Thankfully all was intact with the car and I was able to make it home in one piece.

I should be able to bring Sweetheart home tomorrow after work tomorrow.  I was so scared for her and am so very very grateful that Dr. Kendi stayed late to sew her up.  I feel like such a bad owner for not muzzling Monte.  I haven't had to in years and years.  It makes me so sad to think of Sweetheart suffering any at all.  I will be muzzling Monte for the rest of his life I can tell you that.

On a brighter note, Eve is finally home.  I got her home this past Saturday.  She has kennel cough.  She is only coughing a little at night and in the morning when she first wakes up.  She is on antibiotics for another 7 days or so.  She is filling out nicely and is super sweet.  I cannot, however, keep her in a crate.  She gets out of them like Houdini.  Luckily she is a good dog in the house and doesn't tear anything up.

I am about to go to bed and try not to worry about Sweetheart too much.  I am sure I will be texting Dr. Kendi tomorrow morning to make sure she is doing ok.  Until she is home I will be worried I am sure.  It isn't the same without my Sweets here.  I love her so much!

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. Accidents happen, you shouldn't beat yourself up over it! It might not have been Monty, or at least his mouth. Somebody could have gotten her with a paw, or she could have run into something or hurt it on the fence. I am sure she'll be glad to see you get there tomorrow!

    Good vets are worth their weight in gold!

  2. Totally agree with houndstooth, accidents do happen and it might not have been Monty.

    Hope she is ok to come home today.

  3. Our Greyt, Captain Jack, ripped a 6" gash on his lower neck when alone in the yard - probably a branch or something on the fence. Monty may be innocent. To keep Jack from scratching the stitched injury with his hind paw, I put a turtleneck on him. Looked goofy, but kept him from ripping it open. It was only during the vet check that we found out how close the rip was to the jugular vein. Jack has made a full recovery, but we're all still pretty rattled.

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened. Sending good thoughts your way. And lots of hugs for you!

  5. I agree that Monty may indeed be innocent. I have seen several greys injured without any other dogs being around. Their coats are so soft and they tear so easily.