Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweets this A.M.

I talked to Lynn at Dr. Kolar's office a few minutes ago.  Sweetheart is doing great this morning all things considered.  She can go home anytime today.  I would love to take off work NOW to go pick her up but I will resist the urge and will wait until I actually am scheduled to leave work to go get her! 
Whew, I am so glad my girl made it through the night alright and that she is bright and happy today.  She is a tough girl.

Now I have to get the vision of her hurt and screaming in the back yard out of my head!

I am going to take some cookies to Dr. Kolar's this afternoon as a little thank you for letting me rush her in last night at 645!  Hope everyone has a good day.  Mine is looking up.  I might post pics of her gnarly wound tonight, I haven't decided.

Jess and Sweetheart

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  1. Hope Sweetheart is home with you now and lapping up all the extra tlc.