Saturday, November 19, 2011


Eve is home safe and sound from her spay and teeth cleaning yesterday.  I picked her up this morning and she doesn't appear to be in pain or having any ill effects.  Animals amaze me with their strength!

Sweetheart is healing quite well and her wound looks really good.  She is back to being a brat and is kind of being fussy.  She growled a bit at Cleo and Monte last night so she got corrected with some stern words!  Can't have a diva attitude like that in this house.  Dr. Kendi said she was being a brat like that the week she was there. I think she just doesn't like being away from me that much and doesn't like sharing me with other dogs.  Big baby.

I weighed Eve today when I picked her up and she weighs 50 pounds.  She has gained 8 pounds in the month and a half since she left shelter hell!  She was 42 and half dead when I got her.  Now she is growing a big, filled out nicely and so energetic and fun.  It is so rewarding to see dogs recover and be happy, it makes this 'job' so worthwhile.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Jess and Sweetheart (bad dog) and Eve


  1. good to hear that about Eve - they can be so stoic sometimes! my vet just loves greyhounds because they are stoic AND placid. Barbie ripped a couple of her stitches out when she was spayed and the vet just popped a couple back in with her just standing there, no fuss at all!

  2. Sweetheart ripped ALL but one of her spay stitches out, even the mattress stitches that are supposed to be impossible to rip out. She didn't even bleed or anything. Goofy dog.

  3. Glad Eva is back with your and doing well.

    Hope Sweetheart is behaving herself.