Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crate Hate

Eve is NOT thankful for crates.  She hates them.

This crate was against the dining room wall when Les put her in it at 2:00.  I get home at 6:30 only to discover she transported the crate, with herself inside,  into the middle of the dining room and has somehow gotten the crate pan out of the crate and horizontal in front of it.  All of this with a muzzle on.  She was still in the crate when I got home.  Needless to say she does not like crate.

I have to put four to five clips on the door because she squeezes out of the latched door if the extra clips aren't holding the door down to the crate body itself.


  1. wow, at least Barbie just whined about it, though she is used to her crate now

  2. Poor Eva. MayI hope you vcan make the crate a nice place for her.