Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blue Weekend and Fur baby Story #5

Thank you to everyone for all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers.  Losing Bavarian has been hard for Lester and I.  These last few months I have been preparing myself for his loss but actually losing him hurt a lot more than I expected.  I think the fact that he was my heart dog makes his passing harder.  I love all of my hounds but Bavarian was always my special guy and he always will be.

I think Sweetheart came into our lives for many reasons but a big one of these is that she has become Cleo's good friend.  Cleo loved Bavarian and would always pester him and follow him around at times.  I think had she not had Sweetheart she would be missing Bavarian quite a bit.  I have not really noticed her being mopey or sad since we lost him and for that I am grateful.  In addition, Sweetheart is a lot like Bavarian in several ways.  She is a people dog like he was, she eats bread like he did (tearing it off in little pieces and savoring it) and she can be fussy at times like he could too.  

Today I took Monte with me to pick up donuts.  I bought him some donut holes and he enjoyed several while we were waiting at the Sonic drive thru for my daily dose of caffeine.  Monte loves to go for rides and loves to stick his head out the window and smell the fresh air regardless of the temperature outside.  

Below is another fur baby story.  This one is quite sweet and like all the others I just love it.  I know that this big Iggy is his mom's heart dog, no doubt about it.  This story is being presented to you just as his mom sent it to me.  I don't think I need to change a thing so here it is as written by Charles' Mom.  

I give you Charles Woodrow, the really big Iggy!

"I adopted Charles Woodrow, 'Charlie', almost two years ago.  He has changed my life for the better in every way (okay, maybe not the squirrel chasing).  I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder at age 25 and ordered to bedrest for well, probably decades.  After two years, I wanted something to wake up and look forward to every morning, besides another day of pain. 
I went through a rescue organization with the intent to adopt a small, blue girl.  My sister had one and I thought it was just what I wanted.  When I went to the house she was being fostered at, a little face saw me through the window as I walked up and his eyes opened wide and he ran for the door.  It was somehow like he recognized me.
He met me at the door and was so excited to see me that I could hardly get in.  There were six other dogs in the house that kind of came to look at me but quickly went back to their business.  I came in, sat down, and he was immediately curled up on my lap.  I kept trying to say, 'oh that's nice, but where is that little girl dog I wanted to see?'  She wanted nothing to do with me.  Charlie wouldn't leave my side but I kept thinking he was too big (25 lbs, big for an Italian) and I just didn't think I wanted a boy.  So I gave him a kiss and left, thinking I would find another one.
The foster parents called me the next day to say that Charlie had cried for two hours after I left, going from window to window, trying to find me.  I begrudgingly went back, and the same thing happened.  Again, I said no.  He even tried to get in my car with me.  Long story short, I came back one more time and that was it.  He fell asleep on my lap on the car ride home.
Charlie has never left my side since.  We go on a walk every day, but other than that, he is laying right next to me, all day.  He knows the days I'm hurting and takes the stairs one at a time with me.  When I go out of town for a night, he spends every minute looking out the window for me to come home.

He is my godsend, my absolute angel."

Below is a picture of this darling angel.  I love this picture because he looks so regal and adorable at the same time!!!

Who could say no to this guy?
Jess and Sweetheart


  1. What a beautifully written story and what a handsome dog Charlie is.

    Still thinking of you and yours in your sad loss.

  2. Charlie is lovely. He obviously was meant for you, even if you were a bit slow on the uptake:)

    Jess, Still thinking of you. Even with your other fur babies, it's only natural for you to miss you lad.

  3. I love stories like this where your dog picks you:) It's never happened this way for me as I bred a lot of my lovely dogs.

    Now you know why you had to keep Sweetheart:) No matter how long you have to prepare, it's always a heartbreak when you have to let an animal go but I think you also have to let the others help you through the grief.

  4. He is adorable, and I'm glad that she realized that they were meant to be together. The dog who chooses you is always the right one, in my opinion!

  5. What a pretty iggie ;) He looks so sweet.

  6. you have to LOVE IT when the hound picks you!! There is just something extremely special about that. Great looking hound!!

  7. What a greyt story, it was meant to be for sure :)