Friday, March 25, 2011

Long time no post

I apologize for not posting recently.  Things have gotten kind of hectic with Fasthound (in a good way).

Sweetheart is doing great.  She has now decided I am a fabulous playmate and chew toy.  My arms have quite a few small bruises from our daily play sessions.  Of course I am a sucker and let her play rough with me.  She has come up with a new little game.  When I am sitting on the recliner she will come up and randomly start gnawing on my outstretched feet.  She likes to take my socks off one at a time too.  Then she likes to chew on my feet.  When I pull my feet away she leaps into my lap and tries to chew on my hands or whatever else she can bite.  Ugh, I have created a monster.  :)

She is also doing this new thing at night at bedtime.  I sleep in the living room on the couch so that I can let the dogs out at night.  I go to bed about ten on weeknights and Sweetheart will walk up next to the couch and sit her little butt on the couch.  She will then lean into me and let me pet her for a while.  It has become a nightly thing and it is a nice and relaxing way to end the day (after being chewed on that is).  :)

I hope everyone is doing good.  I am still missing Bavarian a lot.  I miss kissing his little forehead and pestering him when he was sound asleep.  Most of all I just miss him.  I am grateful to have had him for almost eight years but darn it, losing him has been so hard.  These heart dogs are so special.  If you have one in your life right now, give them a big hug for me.

Jess and Sweetheart!


  1. Good to hear from you! Missing your hounds is always hard. It has been almost 4 months since Dixie died, and just the other day I asked where her food dish was! The worst part is, for me anyway, I never know when it is going to hit me. I can be just fine and then out of nowhere I find myself on the verge of tears! I have 4 hounds at my house right now, so I will go hug them for you!

  2. hugged both my puppies for you!

  3. Keeping busy is good at times like this:)

    It's wonderful to watch the personality and funny quirks appear as our Greyhounds learn to be pets.

    I'm always hugging Frankie and Beryl but I've given them extras today!

  4. Song here. Thanks for reminding my mum to give me a hug. She does give me loads, but you can never have too many.

  5. She sounds like a little stinker! Too cute though!

  6. I hugged my boys for you! They've been getting lots lately, the kitties too.