Thursday, March 3, 2011

Caution: Gorgeous furbaby pics in today's blog - May incite jealousy!

Sorry I haven't been updating the blog on a regular basis lately.  I could say I have been busy but I have really just been lazy.  :)  I blame it on the lazy greyhounds I have!!  Plus the weather here has been wonderful and I have been working outside trying to cure a terrible case of Spring fever!  

I am so happy with the new header photo. I love how it turned out.  I am also happy that you all like it too.  I have another header photo that I will be using from time to time.  It doesn't use her shelter photo but the one taken right after her first bath on August 13th.

I am sure the title of this blog caught your attention.  This furbaby is unique in the world of adoptable hounds, at least for me and you will see why once you see her pictures.  It all has to do with color.  Yes I know, that sounds weird but trust me on this one.

Without further ado, I give you furbaby story #4 (from across the pond):  Song!

Song's mom adopted her on February 16th, 2009 when Song was 6.  Song must have been a great racer because she raced right up until August of 2008!  Song's racing name was Song Song Blue (hint as to what I mean by the color thing).  This girl had a long career and I am sure she was more than ready to retire to a comfy bed.  

Before she adopted Song, her mom owned a Jack Russell.  In January 2009, Song's mom had to have her Jack Russell put to sleep due to health reasons.  As all of us know, this is heartbreaking to have to do even though it is necessary when a dog doesn't have a good quality of life. The day she had to put her Jack Russell down, Song's mom decided to call the local Retired Greyhound Trust kennels to see if they had a small female.  Song's mom had always wanted a greyhound and was disappointed when the lady at the kennels said there were no small females currently available.  

Thinking a male grey might work in her household, Song's mom again called the lady at the kennel.  To her surprise, she learned that a female greyhound that had been reserved for another adopter was now available.  It turns out the person who Song had been reserved for did not want her after all.  Lucky for Song and Song's mom huh?!

When Song's mom arrived at the kennels all the goofy greys (yes they are goofy, especially a herd of them, hehe) came up to the door and stayed there, except Song.  Song came up, sniffed her hand and went back to bed.  After walking two large males that just weren't clicking with her, she took Song for a walk.  As her mom says "Song walked like a robot, it was heartbreaking to see how she was".  Like most of us who love the underdogs, Song's mom was hooked by the little robot right then and there!  

Song arrived in her new home after having having previously been in another home for one night.  All things considered, Song settled in quickly even though the house training took a little while longer to master.  Song's mom had patience with her and after a few months Song mastered house training.

Song started coming out of her shell soon after and is now enjoying her new home and her mom immensely.  Song's mom credits Song for healing her broken heart and for bringing joy back into her life.  One look at the pics below will convince anyone that Song is a special girl!

Do I smell BBQ?  I love her little buck teeth.  Bavarian has them too!
A 'blue' hound!!  These you do not see very often.
Isn't Song gorgeous?  She makes Sweetheart look kind of ratty.  :)  Just kidding, I love my little spotted (ratty) girl.

It isn't often, at least in the States, that you come across a blue/grey greyhound.  Song is quite striking, especially with those white accents on her legs, tail and face!  I hope you enjoyed Song's story, I loved it.  It seems Song and her mom both found each other at just the right time!  Thank you to Song's mom for sharing her story and her beautiful girl with me and now with all of you!!

I do have a confession to make.  I have been lazy in training Sweetheart.  I feel bad but I guess guilt goes along with being a fur parent.  Since I don't have real children I guess I need my daily dose of guilt from somewhere.  :)  I am going to a make up class tomorrow night and I hope she does well.  I think she will even if I haven't worked with her a lot.  I still think the socialization is great for her even if her mom is lazy with her homework!  :)  

Let me know what you think of Song!

Jess and Sweetheart 


  1. Song is adorable! Her little buck teeth are wonderful and she looks very regal sitting on the grass!!

  2. Song is very pretty. There are a few blues around in Australia, lots of black hounds tho. Houndstooth did a blog entry about greyhound colours, and the only one I haven't seen here is Liver.

  3. We have quite a few blues in New Zealand too although they are far from common ... unlike the gorgeous black hounds:) What makes Song stand out are her very flashy white markings. I haven't seen a blue here with more than a white chest and maybe a white toe or 2. I know Song and her Mum love each other deeply. Great story:)

  4. Wow, she is gorgeous and what a greyt story :)

  5. Song is a cutey. I love her blue color. That is a long racing career.

  6. Beautiful! I love the new blog header too!!!

  7. We follow Song's blog and I'm impressed that you got pictures of her when she's not laying down! lol When I see her, she reminds me a lot of our girl, Blueberry. There's no doubt about it, she's a special little girl!

  8. Thanks Jess and Sweetheart for putting up the little piece about my fur baby Song.

    Thanks also for all you lovely comments. I can't show Song because she's vain enough already:)

    houndstooth is so right about most of her photos having her laying down. It's what she does best:)

  9. What a beautiful color!!! I've never seen a blue grey! (Not that I've been around the block or anything.) :) Love the new header!!!