Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chick Cam

Our herd has grown by 50 chicks!  They came in the mail yesterday morning.  They are cute as can be.  They are bantams so they won't get very big.  There are Silkies, Dominiques and Ameracaunas.  The Silkies are my favorites as they have feathers like fur and are sweet.  The Ameracaunas lay blue and green eggs and are known as the Easter Egg chicken!  

This is our third foray into the world of chickens.  We have had a problem the previous two times with raccoons.  This time Lester is going to hot wire and fence the perimeter of the coop so it will be like San Quentin prison when he is done with it!  

I hope you enjoy the video.  Les took it last night.  It is a long video but there are some really cute parts in it, especially when they are falling asleep on their feet.  Turn up the volume and let me know if the little peeps get your hounds attention?

And no, I doubt Sweetheart would be chicken safe so I am not evening going to 'chicken' test her.  :)



  1. that's a lot of chicken... we aren't allowed to have chickens here as our yard isn't big enough to have the chicken coop the regulated distance away from perimetre fences :(

  2. I love chickens. I can sit and watch them for hours and hours. People do not realize how each one has their only little personality and 'way' about them. I love to watch the hens scritch for food and coo and talk. I like to watch the roosters catch things for their hens and call them over so they can give them the treat.

  3. We had chickens when I was growing up on the farm, and they are definitely cute little things!

    Our girls didn't even twitch an ear, but they are pretty tired tonight!

  4. Very cute little critters. My kids are tired too after a trip to the beach. Frankie has come over to do some listening with head turning but Beryl isn't moving from her mattress on the floor:)

    Good luck with this lot!

  5. So cute.

    Song took no notice of the chirping.

  6. We've got chickens down on the country property (& a disturbed rooster called Burt). Originally they were for eggs and ultimately food but now they've all got names I just know they are going to die of old age and get buried in the flower bed. I'm no Bear Grylls.

    X Spiffo, Cami & Jakka

  7. we just bought my inlaws chickens! the boys loved them and will be excited to see this tomorrow!

  8. elka: What kind of chickens did you get?

  9. not sure... black one, some white, and some spotted. My children picked them out for their Grandma. They were from Atwoods. :)