Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New project!

So I have a new project now.  Her name is Ollie and she came to Fasthound by way of the Stephens County Animal Shelter in Duncan Oklahoma.  She and two other male greyhounds were found roaming the shelter's parking lot one morning last week.  Thankfully the three stuck together and were very friendly and easy for the shelter staff to get into a fenced in area.  I went down with a volunteer from another Oklahoma greyhound group this past Saturday and Fasthound took her and the other group took the two males.

Ollie is not tattooed so I don't know if she was bred for racing or coyote hunting.  She is 5-7 years old..  She is one of the smaller greyhounds that I have seen.  She is a bit shorter than Sweetheart in height and is pretty fine boned and delicate.  She weighs 46.6 pounds and I feel she should probably weight around 53-55 even though she is fine boned.  She is heartworm negative (whew) but is positive for ehrlichia (tick borne disease).  She has a little cough and a bit of a runny nose.  However, she is going to be on antibiotics, 3 pills a day twice a day, for the ehrlichia so that should take care of the respiratory thing.  Her coat is really fuzzy but not in a good way.  I think it is going to all shed out eventually because it just feels old and dead.

Right now she is sleeping on a bed and I can hear her nose whistling.  She has seen the cat several times and not moved an inch.  I am hoping this is because she is cat safe and not just because she isn't feeling good!

Below are a couple of pictures of her.  They are of her in the same pose.  I didn't have the heart to make her get up so I could get body shots.  I will do that a few days out from the spay.

Oh, Sweetheart isn't too thrilled I don't think.  She kept going up to her in the backyard with her tail almost raised straight up.  I had to tell her to back off numerous times.  Sweetheart would just look at me like "What, I'm not doing anything"!  She is so spoiled I swear.  Jealous too.  :)

Hope you guys are up for following another 'project'.  At least she isn't as bad as Sweetheart was and she doesn't have any open wounds!!  It's funny what you end up being thankful for when you are in the dog rescue business.

Jess, Sweetheart and Ollie!


  1. Lol Sweetheart probably thinks she has a rival! It will be good for her to learn that other new females are not a threat to her position in the house.

  2. Well, Sweetheart hasn't seen yet that you are still her person. After she sees that she still has her hold on you, and maybe that Ollie will play with her, she'll be fine! Poor Ollie! I hope she shows improvement soon. I can't believe that people are still allowed to keep coyote dogs. I do love the tiny girls, so I can't wait to see how Ollie shapes up!

  3. Of course, Sweetheart is super cute, but Ollie is cute too! It is amazing how they get jealous. My foster Buddy is always trying to stand over the other dogs and when he does that tail goes straight up! It seems like I am always trying to get his attention. He is super handsome, just sometimes not so bright! Yep, we're up for another adventure!!!

  4. Of course we're up for another project and it looks like Ollie needs your care.

    Beryl gets her nose out of joint if my friend brings any of her female foster greyhounds for a visit! The boys are OK:) There's always a big sigh of relief when they've gone. I'm sure Sweetheart will soon come round, it's not like she doesn't have to share you already:)

  5. Sure Sweetheart will settle with Ollie soon enough.

    Ollie is lovely. Will you keep her?

  6. She's a cutie! I can't wait to see more pictures!