Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dr. Kendi (her first name is Kendi but I think of her as Dr. Kendi, not Dr. Horner) texted me today and said that Ollie is feeling better today, she still has a little cough but not too much of one.  She said she is almost as big a chow hound as Sweetheart was!

This is wonderful news.  A good appetite means she is feeling a thousand times better.  I am waiting to see if I can pick her up tomorrow and if so, at what time.  I would like to get her home so she can start settling in.

I decided to treat myself with a day off tomorrow.  I have been doing so much dog stuff the last few weekends I figured I would give myself a day to do nothing.

I will update everyone once I know when I can go get Ollie.



  1. I'm sure Ollie will be feeling even better when she's resting at your house and not at the vet's office. It's good to hear she's doing, and eating, better!

  2. yay!! good to see she's getting better. I take it none of yours caught the sniffles from her either... :)

  3. No, none of mine seem to be showing any signs of illness, thank goodness. Thank you for asking!

  4. Good news that yours are all ok... especially the princess of the house! ;) Also, glad Ollie is better!!!
    Enjoy your day of rest to the fullest!!!

  5. PS we just got her the run-of-the-mill Atwood's chickens. I looked up the Silkies... Pretty cool! Do they have fun egg colors? Maybe I should get some and take them to her for Easter? LOL. My father in-law would love that!!! ;-)

  6. So glad Ollie is picking up. Hope you can get her today.

    How did Tuscany and Selleck get on?

    Enjoy your day off.

  7. Wishing Ollie (& you all) the best. As the Chinese saying goes - 'may you live in interesting times'.