Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I talked to Dr. Kolar about 2:45 today.  Of course Ollie hasn't coughed once while at the vet's office.  ARGH.  She does have a runny nose though.  He is going to start her on penicillin and will keep her for a couple of days so that she isn't contagious and so he can see how she does.

I told him I would watch my dogs and if they started acting puny I would be seeing him for antibiotics!  Goodness I hope none of mine get sick, I don't want to give five dogs antibiotics.

Tomorrow night I am taking Tuscany (foster female) to her foster to adopt home in Norman.  I hope they like her.  She is awfully sweet and such a good girl.  I will be doing a foster to adopt placement in Duncan (same town I went to last Saturday to pick up Ollie from the shelter) to place Selleck (foster male).  Wish me luck in both placements.

Jess, Sweetheart and Ollie


  1. Good luck to Tuscany and Selleck both! Does Selleck have Magnum P.I. good looks?

    I sure hope poor Ollie isn't seriously ill, and that she didn't share it with your pups!

  2. HAHA, that is why his foster mom named him Selleck, he is handsome like Tom Selleck. He is the oddest color. He looks like he has a coat of dust on him but he doesn't. He is a beautiful, dusty brindle. :) I always wanted to brush the dust off of him when he was at my house!!!

    I hope she is ok too. She is so thin and rather weak that I hope this doesn't drag her down. She is in the best of hands though and I have complete faith in Dr. Kolar and Dr. Kendi!!

  3. Good luck to the puppies! And I reckon yours will be OK and not catch the runny nose - they will have stronger immune systems :D

  4. Sounds like things are going good for adoption for your group. We have a couple of applications in the works too. Things been kind of slow for adoptions here, I hope things pick up!

  5. Good news for adoption!!! :)
    Hope Ollie's recovery is just a minor bump in the road and your furbabies are ok. How are you doing?

  6. I hope Tuscany and Selleck both find their forever homes.

    Wonder if Ollie could be coughing at yours due to something she is allergic too, or maybe even just the warmth (if you have any heating on). If she's been outside or in a kennel, she may need time to adjust to certain smells.

    Anyway, I hope she's back with you soon.

  7. Good luck with Tuscany and Selleck's new homes. I hope it's love at first sight for everyone:)

    And I hope Ollie is on the mend now.