Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back at the vet

I crated Ollie last night and she coughed and coughed all night.  I found a little bloody mucus on her crate pad.  I decided in the middle of the night to take her to Dr. Kolar's this morning.  She has a runny nose and she coughed most of the way to the vet's office.

I left her at Kolar's this morning about 8.  They are going to examine her and see what is going on.  Hopefully the tetracycline will kill off whatever respiratory bug she has but I didn't want to chance it and have her get worse.  Poor thing is pitiful looking enough being so thin and ratty looking.

I am hoping that whatever she has is not going to move on to my five.  They are all vaccinated for kennel cough so hopefully that is what it is and they won't be suseptible to it.  I don't really fancy having to give six dogs antibiotics.  :)

Ollie did well with the cat last night and didn't have any accidents in the house or in her crate.  She does not like other dogs coming around her space or close to her when she is eating.  She snarls a little and growls.  We are working on that and correcting her any time she shows any sort of aggression.

Sweetheart still can't figure out what Ollie is all about.  She kept trying to go over to her last night and each time Sweetheart would get near Ollie, Sweetheart would put her tail almost straight up in the air and perk her ears.  Finally Lester sprayed Sweetheart with the water bottle.  Sweetheart jumps back, Les looks at her and tells her no and then Sweetheart bows down and barks at him.  She takes correction so well.  :)  All we could do was laugh at her, silly goose!!!  I have no doubt Sweetheart will be fine with her, she is just such a goofy little dog that new things are always interesting for her!!

Jess, Sweetheart and Ollie!


  1. maybe Sweetheart is saying 'what's your problem, I was waaaaaaaaay worse than you! get up and play with me!'


  2. Sure hope Ollie is ok soon and that it's nothing catching.

    Sweetheart sounds so funny:)

  3. It sounds to me like Sweetheart wants to play more than anything else. That's how Bunny starts a good game of chase me at the dog park.

    I was wondering about kennel cough. Poor girl! I've heard that can be very serious if it goes on too long.

  4. Hope everything's OK really soon. I'll keep my paws crossed.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  5. Sweetheart is probably just curious and once she's met Ollie properly and spent some time with her she won't be a stranger any more:) I hope everything goes well for Ollie at the vet.

  6. Oh, I hope Ollie is feeling better soon.

  7. WOW! I was gone again for a little bit and your moving up in the world! What a saint!!! :) These greys are so lucky to have you guys!