Monday, June 20, 2011

Long time no post!

Sorry I haven't written in a while, a long while actually, but I am doing good and Sweetheart is too.  Sweetheart continues to be a joy for us.  She is absolutely spoiled rotten and I just love her.  She continues to act like Bavarian in many ways.  

I did find out she isn't a big fan of crowds or big groups of other dogs.  Every June we have a gathering of adopter's and their greys at my house.  We have kiddie pools for the dogs and everyone sits and visits out on our back porch.  Sweetheart wasn't thrilled.  At one point I look over to the side of the yard where no dogs are and see her curled up by herself in a little hole.  She was really quite pathetic looking.  I almost felt sorry for her until I went over to pet her and she starts gnawing me.  Silly girl.  

Ollie is finally doing well.  She had a few setbacks with the strong antibiotics hurting her stomach and some intestinal worms.  However, she is finally done with antibiotics and should be worm free!  My good friend and co-worker has been fostering to adopt Ollie the last three weeks.  He was gone to training this past week and I took care of her.  He came to pick her up tonight and both were so happy to see each other, it was quite heart warming.  :)  Below is a picture of Ollie in his car on his way home with her tonight.  She looks so pretty in this picture.

Sunday I went to the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter to look at a supposed full blood greyhound.  Les and I get there and look at him and full blood he isn't.  He turned out to be a lurcher, half greyhound and most likely half deerhound.  We normally don't take in mixed breeds but I couldn't leave him there.  He was so beautiful and sweet, how could I?  Les named him Benny and he is absolutely gigantic!  His head almost hits my hip when he stands.  He has fuzzy, coarse hair like a deerhound and a sweet greyhound face.  I took him to Kolar's yesterday afternoon and he was vetted today.  He is heartworm negative and we are waiting on blood work to make sure he doesn't have other issues.  His poor ears are fly bitten and he only weighs 68 pounds when he should weigh about 80-85 at least.  However, if he comes here you all know I will fatten him up.  However, I don't think he is going to be cat safe so if he does come here Kitty will have to live in the spare bedroom for a while.

Look at all that fuzzy hair!

How could I leave this face at the shelter?  
I hope everyone is doing good!  I will keep you posted on how Benny is doing.  

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. So glad you posted! I just looked last night to make sure I hadn't missed a post or something. So glad Sweetheart is doing well. It made me sad to think of her being off by herself at the party. Maybe she was a little jealous though! Don't know how you could have left Benny at the shelter either!

  2. I so glad to hear from you. I'd been hoping things were okay. It's great to hear that Sweetheart is doing well, and the others.

  3. Thanks for posting! Sweetheart is such a diva. Glad Ollie has made the turnaround to healthy and happy. Sweet Benny. You've been busy, as usual!

  4. So glad Sweetheart and ollie are doing well.

    I love the look of Benny. Don't expect it will be long before he finds a forever home.

    Hugs to you and your fur babies.

  5. I have always loved fuzzy lurchers....

  6. I'm glad to hear that Sweetheart and Ollie are both doing so well! Perhaps Sweetheart just doesn't like sharing the limelight. ;)

    Oh, Benny is adorable! I think I'm lucky I live too far away to see him!

  7. So glad you're back!!! I've missed the posts. So glad Ollie seems to have found a home! :) good news.

  8. OH my goodness! Is Shaggy the dog I looked at here in Altus? If so, she looks SO much better! Her coat is beautiful!!! You (and your organization) are AMAZING!!!

  9. Yep, Shaggy is the lurcher you looked at in Altus. I haven't even seen her yet myself. :) I am hoping Benny will look that good soon. However, Benny is a lot bigger than her and if he turns out to be halfway cat safe Les may not let him go! He was actually part of the reason why I took him from the shelter. He took one look at him and was in love!! :)