Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sweetheart is not too thrilled with Benny being here.  He is huge and rather intimidating to her.  He also mad dogs the food bowl (which we are diligently correcting) and this kind of freaks her out.  She has been acting demure and rather subdued lately.  It is kind of nice in a way but I wouldn't want her to be that way forever.

Benny has a cold.  Dr. Kendi said it is from stress most likely.  He got a shot of antibiotics and some pills for  7-10 days.  He is coughing a tad and has some mucous discharge from his nose but it is slight so hopefully the pills will kick in and he will be tip top in no time.  He has gained ten pounds and now weighs 78 although he is still thin as a rail.  He isn't growling at the other dogs as much and we will cure him of this food bowl guarding I have no doubt.

I was kicking around the idea of having a birthday party for Sweetheart on Saturday, August 13th.  I decided a while back that that date is going to be her birthday.  I wonder if anyone would attend her party if I held one?  I put this as a poll on the blog.  Let me know what you think by voting and/or commenting.  

I hope everyone is having a good week.  I have a four day weekend starting Friday and I am super excited about it.

Oh yes, I keep forgetting.  Prior to Benny coming here Sweetheart starting getting into my stuff.  She would nose around in my bag and pull out my cross stitch, yarn, knitting needles, pill bottles, books, etc.  I would wake up from a nap and discover things just trailed all over the living room floor.  Thankfully she did not ruin anything, although one of my new books is missing a corner and has a few teeth marks in it.  Oh and she is excellent at unwinding a ball of yarn and heaping it into a nice pile!  She 'fishes' for these treasures all around my recliner.  But, as always, I can't be mad at her.  It is rather amusing actually!



  1. We would wish we could be there for the party, but the best we could do is mail pictures in to look like we were there! I bet there are some who'd attend, though!

  2. Hope Benny is soon over his cold. I've had mine for two weeks now. The cough is relentless.

    Song and I would love to come to Sweethearts party, but it's rather a long way:)

  3. Maybe you should have a virtual b'day party! All of us in cyper-space would love to attend.

  4. Would if I lived closer-california