Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweetheart and the snake!

She looks so sweet and innocent.  She's NOT!  :)

Every time I see a picture of her all I can see are SPOTS! 

As some of you have read in prior posts, Sweetheart likes to patrol the backyard at night and bark at anything she feels is a danger to her territory.  :)  She has been doing this from the day she came home, weighing a fearsome 35 pounds no less.

Les let the dogs out last night.  He was in the house and heard her barking (again, not unusual).  He looks out the window and sees her barking at the ground.  He doesn't think anything of it and lets them all back in.  About an hour later they go outside again.  Sweetheart goes to the same spot again and starts barking and dancing around.  Les decides to get the flashlight and take a look to see what all the fuss is about.  He goes over to the dead tree stump she is dancing around and discovers a snake, about four feet in length, coiled and ready to strike.  I guess the snake didn't appreciate Sweetheart barking at him.  Les ended up killing the snake because he did not want it to try to kill his chickens.  Who knew I had a fearless snake hunter in Sweetheart!

One of our volunteers had Benny at her house for the last two days.  I brought him home today.  He growls at the other dogs but he hasn't tried to bite or snap.  I think he is more scared of them than anything.  He IS getting along with Monte well though.  Cleo and Sweetheart he isn't quite sure about.  He is eating well and is very friendly to people.  I took him to Tractor Supply after picking him up from our volunteer and he did fabulous in the store.  He walked around wagging his tail most of the time.

Sweetheart isn't so sure about him.  They stood beside each other in the house and he growled at her and she tried to posture like she was tough.  Of course we don't let this go on and correct both of them.  After that bit of posturing and growling Sweetheart has been keeping her distance.  When they go outside she just sort of watches him walk around the yard.  It really is quite funny to see her acting so docile around him when normally she is trying to chew on new dogs.  :)

This photo makes me laugh.  Her expression is almost cartoonish.

Benny is so big he makes Sweetheart look rather wimpy.  :)  When he fills out I would imagine he will be about 90-100 pounds easy.  Oh, and I doubt he will ever be cat safe.  He was in the crate and lunged at Kitty when she came out of hiding.  He then kept looking around the living room for her after she ran off.  She is safely ensconced in the bathroom with her food, water, litter and beds for the time being!

Benny is also a collector of toys, a counter surfer and a trash digger.  He also likes kiddie pools.  I have my hands full with this one.  He is so huge that nothing is too far from his 'reach'  :)  Benny isn't extremely photogenic but I wanted to attach a couple of pics in the blog so you guys can see more of him.  He is way more handsome in person.

Benny with a pair of boxer shorts he got from the laundry room.

You can kind of get an idea of what his coat looks like and how thin he is.

One more thing, I should be finalizing on Ollie this coming weekend!  YAY!

Jess, Sweetheart and Benny


  1. Sweetheart, the Snake Charmer!!! I absolutely love the spots!!!

  2. OH my goodness all those spots!!! I still cannot get over it! :) LOving all these updates.

  3. Our second Greyhound, Hawk, had spots sort of like Sweetheart. The older he got, the more spots he had, and a lot more ticking! He was absolutely a stunner and he got by a lot on his good looks.

    I love that last picture of Sweetheart! I'm going to be giggling about that all night, partly because I'm all too familiar with that look! It usually has something to do with "Expect poo in your shoe" when a certain miss is displeased. Fortunately, she doesn't hold a grudge, she just has an expressive face! I guess Sweetheart has a strong sense of duty when it comes to snakes. lol

  4. Thanks for taking in Benny. And any posts about Sweetheart are always welcome....

  5. So glad the snake didn't bite Sweetheart.

    Benny looks like a big softie. Sure he will learn some manners.

    Hope Ollie will be happy in her new forever home.