Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Girl!!!

Sweetheart's "Birthday" is Saturday!!!  I cannot believe it has been a year since we rescued her.  She is an amazing girl and I am so thankful to have her healthy and happy and spoiled rotten.  Dr. Kendi (actually Dr. Horner but I think of her as Dr. Kendi) from Dr. Kolar's office is going to be there with her own personal greyhound.  I am so excited to have one of the vet's who was with Sweetheart from day 1 and instrumental in her recovery be there to share in this!  Without Dr. Kolar, Dr. Kendi and all the Prague Veterinary Clinic staff Sweetheart would not have made the wonderful recovery she has.

Sweetheart's Birthday party will be at Mann's Best Friend Pet Boutique this Saturday, August 13th, from      5 p.m. to 7 p.m.   Mann's address is:  10700 S. Penn, Suite 24, Oklahoma City OK.

One of Sweetheart's blog friends is auctioning a gorgeous silver and turquoise greyhound pendant on EBAY in honor of Sweetheart.  All proceeds from this auction will go to the adoption group of Sweetheart's choice :)  The link to the auction is:

The item number is:  150645043159  

If the link doesn't get you there just copy the item number and paste it into the EBAY search box and it will take you to the item.  

I am excited to share Sweetheart's recovery with everyone who is able to come to her party!  Thank you to everyone who has followed her story over the past year via this blog.  I hope there are many years and many stories to come!

Oh yeah, Benny has gained close to 30 pounds and weighs about 100 pounds now!!

Jessica and Sweetheart.


  1. sounds like it will be a great party!!

  2. Hard to believe! One full year of extra-special loving. How lovely.

    Happy birthday Sweetie!!

  3. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sweetheart. It really doesn't seem a year.

    Song and I wish we could be there. Have a fab time.

  4. OMD - can't believe we missed Sweetheart's birthday - a very happy (belated) birthday from all us down here. Been a bit out of it lately. You've done a wonderful job with the amazing hound Jess and it's great to see Sweetheart doing so well. Best wishes to you all. Cheers