Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friend's Accident :(

My friend Cathy had a horseback riding accident yesterday morning.  She was riding some horse trails at a local lake with a friend.  She was trotting and the horse lost its footing and went down on its front legs.  Cathy flew forward and caught herself by her wrists.  Unfortunately she dislocated and broke them both.  She will have to have surgery on both wrists Tuesday.

Cathy and her partner Mike have adopted two greyhounds from us.  They also have several Ibizans and Jack Russell terriers.  In addition, they have ten horses, all of which are rescues (they came home from a recent horse sale a month ago with five baby horses because they could not bear to see them put down or sold for slaughter).

Les and I are dog sitting  their greyhounds for as long as they need us to.  Their greys are Lucy and Lucius.  We will assist them in any way we can in feeding and watering their horses and other dogs and in taking care of Cathy.

I would normally never ask for help on the blog for others but I am making an exception.  Cathy and Mike are super people with big hearts.  If any of you who follow this blog can donate something via paypal to Cathy and Mike it would be much appreciated.  All money will go for their animals food and health care.  Oklahoma is in a severe drought and hay alone for the horses is pricey.  They take excellent care of their animals and I know they would appreciate any help that is given.

If you or your friends and family donate via paypal, just be sure to note that the donation is for Cathy and Mike's animals so that way we can keep the donations separate from our regular Fasthound donations.

Again, thank you in advance for any donations you can give.  I can personally vouch for how well they take care of their horses and dogs and the money will be well spent.

Jess, Sweetheart, Lucy, Lucius and Gracie!



  1. Wishing your friend a speedy recovery.

  2. How do I donate? Only see the attachment for fasthound.

  3. On the right had side of the blog under 'total page views' there should be a bright yellow button that says donate. Click it and it will take you to our paypal site where you can donate. If you don't have that donate button on your version of our blog, you can email me at and I will give you my address and you are welcome to send a check to me. I will mail you a receipt once I receive it.

  4. Thanks. Got it and did it.