Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puppy and stuff

Puppy 'roach'!

Sweetheart HATES the puppy.  She won't play with her and gives her dirty looks when she comes near her.  Sweetheart is also terribly jealous if I play with the puppy.  I was playing with Gracie yesterday and had a sense of some evil force :) and I look up and Sweetheart is shooting daggers at me from across the room (and continued to do so the whole time I was playing with Gracie).

Actually it is quite funny to me that Sweetheart is jealous.  She has been used to being the center of the world for the past year that it must be kind of hard when a pretty young things horns in.  :)  At least Sweetheart hasn't been aggressive towards Gracie, she is content with giving me nasty looks and sometimes standing in between us and growling (which I don't allow of course).

Grace is heartworm negative but she had a pretty good load of hookworms (these will be taken care of with Trifexis) and her blood work came back that she is anemic.  So it looks like I will be giving her Petinic twice a day for a month to build that blood back up.  I had to do this with Sweetheart so I am used to it.

Gracie is a pure joy, which is not what I usually say about puppies.  She is very sweet and loving and has pretty good house manners for a five month old pup.  We fell asleep together 'spooning' on the couch last night.  :)  Lester said he didn't have the heart to put her in her crate when he went to bed because she looked so comfortable on the couch with me.

Monte had his yearly vetting this past week.  Not such great news for him.  He is in the first stages of kidney failure.  Dr. Kolar is recommending we put him on a prescription diet in hopes of helping his kidneys.  Monte is 10 and a half and is just a love.  It hurts my heart that he is already showing his age so much.  However, we will do whatever we need to to keep his quality of life high. We are lucky he is such a happy boy.  I hope this food helps him.  I will ask Dr. Kolar when he wants to do another blood test on Monte so that we can see if his kidney levels are holding steady or getting worse once he is on the prescription diet for a bit.

My silly Monte.  Isn't he just a doll?

Jess, Sweetheart and Sweetheart's nemesis, Gracie!  :)


  1. I'm so surprised she doesn't like the puppy. But, like you said, she has been in the spotlight for the past year. So sorry to hear about Monte. My Tom turned 11 and he was diagnosed with early kidney disease almost 3 years ago. He did the prescription food for a while and started not eating it. There is a really good yahoo group for dogs with kidney disease, called K9Kidneys. There is all kinds of advice on diet, meds, lab results, etc. You might find that helpful. YES, Monte is a doll!

  2. Glad Gracie is being such a good puppy. Don't think it will do Sweetheart any harm to see there is plenty love to go around.

    Hope the new diet helps Monty.

  3. Beryl doesn't even like having female Greyhounds visit. She sulks, lol. And is ever so relieved when they leave. She doesn't mind male Greyhounds so much. The fact that they all fall in love with her little brother, Frankie doesn't help.

    Sweetheart might come round eventually. It sounds like Gracie is a charmer. She is so cute too. Glad she got mostly good results.

    Sorry to hear about Monte. As yet I don't know anything about kidney failure and I hope I never have to find out. I hope the new diet works wonders for him and yes, he is total doll.

  4. Elvis was in kidney failure for YEARS, so hopefully you have a while with MooMoo. Give him a big kiss for me!

  5. Gracie sounds a lot like Bunny. She was always so good, even when she was just a baby, although we brought her home at eighteen months.

    Of course, I can feel for you on the other end. Our Lilac will be sixteen in less than a month, and watching old age take its toll on her is tough! I know she won't be with us much longer, but I just keep hoping she'll go to sleep one night and not wake up instead of making us have to make that last trip to the vet's office.

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry about Monte.
    Funny about Sweetheart and the puppy! :) her nemesis.
    I feel so out of it! Love the updates.