Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I get a call from a woman in Oklahoma City last night.  She says she saw our group at an outreach event. She decided that she liked the greys and wanted one.  So she sees an ad in the newspaper for greyhound puppies.  She goes to the place and sees the brindle female and falls in love.  She gets the puppy home and a month and a half later realizes that a puppy is too much to deal with.  So guess what, Fasthound now has a new five month old puppy!!

Her name is Gracie and she was bred to be a coyote hunter.  For whatever reason, the breeder decided not to use her for hunting (thank goodness).  Sweetheart wasn't too thrilled at first but I think they will have a blast once Sweetheart warms up to her.

I will be taking her to Dr. Kolar's tomorrow for vetting.  Thankfully she has already been spayed and had her rabies shot.  We will have her heart worm tests, fecal, full blood panel and additional shots.  Hopefully her blood work and heart worm test will come back good!

Below are a couple pictures of Gracie.

How beautiful is she?!

Below are two pictures of Sweetheart eating some of her birthday cake!

Jess, Sweetheart and Gracie


  1. She is adorable! I love those markings on her. Maybe she can give Sweetheart some company!

  2. Gracie is adorable, but she'll never dethrone Sweetheart in the cuteness department!

  3. Gracie is lovely. Sure she will soon find a forever home.

    Glad Sweetheart enjoyed her cake.

  4. Isn't Gracie a pretty, happy little girl! I hope she gets good results from all her tests and she and Sweetheart are soon the best of buddies. Lovely to see Sweetheart enjoying her gorgeous cake!

  5. I think it's very nice that you got Sweetheart her own puppy for her birthday!

  6. Why do people think puppies won't be difficult?

    Arg. Gracie is very pretty!