Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friend's Accident :(

My friend Cathy had a horseback riding accident yesterday morning.  She was riding some horse trails at a local lake with a friend.  She was trotting and the horse lost its footing and went down on its front legs.  Cathy flew forward and caught herself by her wrists.  Unfortunately she dislocated and broke them both.  She will have to have surgery on both wrists Tuesday.

Cathy and her partner Mike have adopted two greyhounds from us.  They also have several Ibizans and Jack Russell terriers.  In addition, they have ten horses, all of which are rescues (they came home from a recent horse sale a month ago with five baby horses because they could not bear to see them put down or sold for slaughter).

Les and I are dog sitting  their greyhounds for as long as they need us to.  Their greys are Lucy and Lucius.  We will assist them in any way we can in feeding and watering their horses and other dogs and in taking care of Cathy.

I would normally never ask for help on the blog for others but I am making an exception.  Cathy and Mike are super people with big hearts.  If any of you who follow this blog can donate something via paypal to Cathy and Mike it would be much appreciated.  All money will go for their animals food and health care.  Oklahoma is in a severe drought and hay alone for the horses is pricey.  They take excellent care of their animals and I know they would appreciate any help that is given.

If you or your friends and family donate via paypal, just be sure to note that the donation is for Cathy and Mike's animals so that way we can keep the donations separate from our regular Fasthound donations.

Again, thank you in advance for any donations you can give.  I can personally vouch for how well they take care of their horses and dogs and the money will be well spent.

Jess, Sweetheart, Lucy, Lucius and Gracie!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puppy and stuff

Puppy 'roach'!

Sweetheart HATES the puppy.  She won't play with her and gives her dirty looks when she comes near her.  Sweetheart is also terribly jealous if I play with the puppy.  I was playing with Gracie yesterday and had a sense of some evil force :) and I look up and Sweetheart is shooting daggers at me from across the room (and continued to do so the whole time I was playing with Gracie).

Actually it is quite funny to me that Sweetheart is jealous.  She has been used to being the center of the world for the past year that it must be kind of hard when a pretty young things horns in.  :)  At least Sweetheart hasn't been aggressive towards Gracie, she is content with giving me nasty looks and sometimes standing in between us and growling (which I don't allow of course).

Grace is heartworm negative but she had a pretty good load of hookworms (these will be taken care of with Trifexis) and her blood work came back that she is anemic.  So it looks like I will be giving her Petinic twice a day for a month to build that blood back up.  I had to do this with Sweetheart so I am used to it.

Gracie is a pure joy, which is not what I usually say about puppies.  She is very sweet and loving and has pretty good house manners for a five month old pup.  We fell asleep together 'spooning' on the couch last night.  :)  Lester said he didn't have the heart to put her in her crate when he went to bed because she looked so comfortable on the couch with me.

Monte had his yearly vetting this past week.  Not such great news for him.  He is in the first stages of kidney failure.  Dr. Kolar is recommending we put him on a prescription diet in hopes of helping his kidneys.  Monte is 10 and a half and is just a love.  It hurts my heart that he is already showing his age so much.  However, we will do whatever we need to to keep his quality of life high. We are lucky he is such a happy boy.  I hope this food helps him.  I will ask Dr. Kolar when he wants to do another blood test on Monte so that we can see if his kidney levels are holding steady or getting worse once he is on the prescription diet for a bit.

My silly Monte.  Isn't he just a doll?

Jess, Sweetheart and Sweetheart's nemesis, Gracie!  :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I get a call from a woman in Oklahoma City last night.  She says she saw our group at an outreach event. She decided that she liked the greys and wanted one.  So she sees an ad in the newspaper for greyhound puppies.  She goes to the place and sees the brindle female and falls in love.  She gets the puppy home and a month and a half later realizes that a puppy is too much to deal with.  So guess what, Fasthound now has a new five month old puppy!!

Her name is Gracie and she was bred to be a coyote hunter.  For whatever reason, the breeder decided not to use her for hunting (thank goodness).  Sweetheart wasn't too thrilled at first but I think they will have a blast once Sweetheart warms up to her.

I will be taking her to Dr. Kolar's tomorrow for vetting.  Thankfully she has already been spayed and had her rabies shot.  We will have her heart worm tests, fecal, full blood panel and additional shots.  Hopefully her blood work and heart worm test will come back good!

Below are a couple pictures of Gracie.

How beautiful is she?!

Below are two pictures of Sweetheart eating some of her birthday cake!

Jess, Sweetheart and Gracie

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweetheart's Cake

Here is a picture of the cake I made for Sweetheart's Birthday party tomorrow.  It isn't perfect but that's OK, I love her very much and am happy to have been able to make this for her party!

This cake took a box and a half of cake mix.  The rest of the batter I made into a small square cake.  I let Sweetheart have two pieces of the small square cake (without icing) while it was still warm.  She LOVED it.  She followed me into the kitchen and watched me ice the heart cake, hoping I would drop it on the ground for her..  :)

Jess and Sweetheart!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Girl!!!

Sweetheart's "Birthday" is Saturday!!!  I cannot believe it has been a year since we rescued her.  She is an amazing girl and I am so thankful to have her healthy and happy and spoiled rotten.  Dr. Kendi (actually Dr. Horner but I think of her as Dr. Kendi) from Dr. Kolar's office is going to be there with her own personal greyhound.  I am so excited to have one of the vet's who was with Sweetheart from day 1 and instrumental in her recovery be there to share in this!  Without Dr. Kolar, Dr. Kendi and all the Prague Veterinary Clinic staff Sweetheart would not have made the wonderful recovery she has.

Sweetheart's Birthday party will be at Mann's Best Friend Pet Boutique this Saturday, August 13th, from      5 p.m. to 7 p.m.   Mann's address is:  10700 S. Penn, Suite 24, Oklahoma City OK.

One of Sweetheart's blog friends is auctioning a gorgeous silver and turquoise greyhound pendant on EBAY in honor of Sweetheart.  All proceeds from this auction will go to the adoption group of Sweetheart's choice :)  The link to the auction is:

The item number is:  150645043159  

If the link doesn't get you there just copy the item number and paste it into the EBAY search box and it will take you to the item.  

I am excited to share Sweetheart's recovery with everyone who is able to come to her party!  Thank you to everyone who has followed her story over the past year via this blog.  I hope there are many years and many stories to come!

Oh yeah, Benny has gained close to 30 pounds and weighs about 100 pounds now!!

Jessica and Sweetheart.