Saturday, December 11, 2010

All I want for Christmas is a fully healed leg!

Yes everyone, that is all I want for Christmas and I just might get it.  You be the judge.  I took these pictures of Sweetheart (she was quite unwilling as she did not want to stop playing to pose) a few minutes ago.

Inside of leg.  No you are not seeing things, the inside
of her leg is TOTALLY healed!!!!  Remember, this
was down to the bone not but 4 short months ago.

Outside of leg!

Another closer shot of the outside of the leg.  LOOK at all
the new fuzzy white hair growing back!

Front view of the leg.

Close up of the fully healed inside portion.


  1. How wonderful...and to see her leg CLEAN and growing hair!! It's nothing short of a miracle.

  2. Wow! That is truly amazing. I think she will get her wish for Christmas!!!

  3. AMAZING!!!! I have tears in my eyes! You are truly the salt of the earth! How I wish more people could be as kind. Merry Christmas! (are you going to get sweetheart a pair of antlers?) lol.

  4. Sweetheart, you look absolutely amazing, with or without a leg scar. What a testement to some very dedicated care that your leg has healed so well!

  5. Salt of the earth I am not. I have done nothing special in caring for Sweetheart. I have given her the love and attention I give to all of my fosters and my own dogs (although I have never slept with one with quite such a smelly leg LOL). I hope that all of you would do the same if you found yourself in the same circumstance. I hope that by following the blog and my journey with Sweetheart, it might inspire you to do the same with an animal (cat, dog, or any kind) that you might encounter in the future. Sadly, Sweetheart won't be the last story of neglect/abuse all of us hear about (I wish it were) and all of these animals need someone to just pick them up, get them the help they need and to never give up on them. I have had and continue to have such a wonderful time with her that I feel none of it was difficult to do, all of it was worth it and continues to be. Plus, look at all the friends I have made in Oklahoma and around the world, now that is truly special and so are you all for giving me you support!!! I thank you for following her blog and for commenting on each post. As always, it means tons to me and has helped me through some sad this fall!

  6. This is amazing. What a wonderful Christmas present to everyone who has been involved in Sweethearts recovery, but especially to a dog that has wonderful spirit.

  7. What a simply remarkable dog! An such a gentle spirit at the same time. I glad she has touched my life.

  8. Hurray and happy dance - it feels like this chapter of Sweetheart's life is coming to a close and her new future is just around the corner. Whatever it brings a large part of her having a future at all is down to you and Les.

    Cheers Spiffo, Cami & Jakka