Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spay Day update

I talked to Lynn at Dr. Kolar's and she said that Sweetheart made it through the spay just fine.  She is actually fairly awake and is doing well.  They drew blood on her so that we can see how much progress (hopefully) she has made since the first blood work that was done in August right after her rescue.

Dr. Kolar is keeping her overnight.  Les will go and pick her up tomorrow, probably late morning or early afternoon.  I would much rather her stay there a little bit longer tomorrow just to make sure she is doing well.



  1. I'm sure she'll be super healthy! My vet has you take home the pup, and I'd much rather they watch them for the night!

  2. I guess we can uncross our fingers and toes now! I'm so glad to hear that she's doing okay!

  3. Yay! Thanks for the update.

  4. Definitely thanks for the update. Just getting home from work and had to check on the girl!