Friday, December 3, 2010


I am sorry I have been so quiet this week.  I am neglecting Sweetheart's fans!  I wasn't sure how many of you were still following the blog since some of my recent posts haven't generated too many comments.  I defnitely want to keep everyone updated about our little Sweetheart if everyone is still interested in following her story!

Sweetheart's leg still looks about the same *sigh*.  The bandage is still off and she is still not fussing with the open wounds too much.  She alernates from using three to four legs at various times.  Her weight is holding steady.  Her energy is phenomenal and she is definitely showing that she is a two year old at times (chewing a few things in the house, bothering the other greys, barking outside like a fool)!

Yesterday when I got home from work I brought her outside by herself.  I brought some leather work gloves out with me and she went crazy for them.  I wouldn't let her have them, instead I put them on and 'got her' with them.  This made her act all goosy and she started running big circles around the yard.  When she was running she would act like she was going to run into me and then she would turn really fast when she came to me, almost like she was trying to fake me out and make me think she was going to get me.  It was so funny I just laughed and laughed.  I ended up kneeling down and she finally finished her sprint and came over to me and leaned on me and let me love on her.  It was is so fun to watch her run.  She LOVES to run and she runs like a little foal, legs going every which way when she takes off!

So, all in all, Sweetheart is doing great.  Her leg is just something that is going to take time.  The skin that is there is pretty thin, which is just a part of the side effect of the deep wounds she suffered.  Her skin being so new and thin makes it take longer to heal and any nick she may get in the new skin just takes that much longer to heal. 

She finishes up her antibiotics tomorrow morning!  She likes taking her medicine because it involves a piece of cheese.  She can be in a dead sleep but as soon as she hears the rattle of the plastic covering the cheese, into the kitchen she bounces.  If I am take too long in giving her the cheese she kind of talks to me and stomps around (making me giggle of course).  She will miss her twice daily cheese sessions when the antibiotics are over.  :)

I will try to get some pictures of Sweetheart this weekend.  She isn't the easiest subject to capture on camera.  Every time I try and take a pic of her she moves and ends up looking like a dork in them.  :) 

Today is Friday!!  I am ready for the weekend.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  If there is anything you want to know about Sweetheart or about her recovery, let me know.  I love all of your comments and questions.



  1. she can still have cheese without the pill! ;) she sounds a lot like Barbie, running around with legs splayed in all directions, and stomping and talking when impatient. Barbie does it for her dinner or walks. She is much more insistent about walks though!

  2. Seriously, give her cheese without the pill!!!

    It's amazing how fast she healed from that awful wound; it doesn't surprise me that actually getting the full leg back will take some time.

    We're doing a dog food drive for homeless dogs on my blog. Anyone who wants to help would be appreciated!!

  3. I think she deserves the cheese treat.

    I love hearing about Sweetheart. I am hoping you will be her forever home, then we can continue to hear how she is doing.

    Enjoy our weekend. We are snowed in.

  4. Please continue posting - it's so great to come to this blog and read about how well she's doing and her funny stories. She's come a long way!

  5. Of course we love hearing about Sweetheart. Even the little things! She is loving life and sounds like she is living up to her name!

  6. We had two greyts that had ECP -- Extra Sensory Cheese Perception! Sounds like Sweetheart has that to! I have a question - with the weather turning colder, will she need a coat for the OK winters? (I'm in WI) -- if so, and if she is up for a home-made hand-me-down, I have two "spares". Just let me know her chest size and I can ship you one.

    Please don't stop the posts! even if i don't comment, I read her blog daily. always wanting to know how our little girl is progressing!!

    thanks for the fix to my Sweetheart Withdraws!

  7. The weather is getting colder here. However, I never put coats on my greyhounds because mine are always good weight and furry. Sweetheart is a good weight, however, she isn't all that furry. But, she has one thing going for her and this thing means she does not need a coat. She barks ALL the time when outside. This guarantees I will never leave her out in the cold longer than it takes her to do her business. I appreciate your offer of a coat but my little peanut is in good shape and can handle a few minutes in the cold. She won't be out there long enough to suffer any ill effects of it. Heck, half the time I have to beg her to come in on cold nights, the silly little goose. You might ask some groups near you if they would be in need of a coat, as WI winters are WAY colder than Okie winters. They might appreciate the offer. Again, I do appreciate your sweet and generous coat offer.

    I won't stop the posts. I appreciate all of your comments to this post. Les took some video of Sweetheart harassing Cleo outside this evening. We will try to have it on the blog for your viewing tomorrow.

    I don't know if I will keep her or not. She barks so much outside and it drives Les and I nuts. Her leg is still ratty looking so I have a good excuse to keep her for a while longer anyways. :) No spay till leg is healed and leg isn't healing quickly so no healing, no spay, which means no adoption yet. :)

    You guys are funny with wanting me to give her the cheese. I have four other dogs and it isn't fair for them if she gets special treats. I gotta treat her like my other four, you don't want me to show favoritism do you? Now what kind of foster mom would I be if I did that. LOL!

  8. Don't force us to start a cheese fund for Sweetheart! Give the little princess her cheese even if there isn't a pill in it.

    I've enjoyed reading Sweetheart's story very much, and I hope that it continues for a long time. It certainly sounds like she's made her home with you, even though I still dream of driving out there and dognapping her!

  9. I'm among those following your blog. Please keep it up! I was so horrified by what happened and soooo relieved that Sweetheart recovered. Thanks for taking the time to post. Also, I'd contribute to a cheese fund! Sweetheart deserves a little extra pampering.

  10. I check every day to see how you and Sweetheart are doing. I will make sure to comment more often so you know I'm here :) . Rooting for that leg to continue healing, albeit slowly.

    -- Batmom

  11. I check quite often! Love the updates!!! She reminds me so much of my childhood puppy... the way she plays and eats cheese. Thanks so much for keeping us informed.

  12. I thank you for your posts and will continue to follow our sweetheart, even if you can only post once a week.

  13. I still ready your blog but don't always comment. I think about Sweetheart a lot and enjoy coming here and seeing how she's doing. I laughed reading about you playing with her with the garden gloves..haha!!