Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peanut is home

Yes, Peanut.  Sweetheart has several nicknames and the one we use the most is Peanut.  All of my greys have multiple nicknames.  Half the time I wonder if they really will recognize their 'real' name since I am always using nick names.  :)  Do your greys have nicknames?  If so, share them with me in a comment to this post.

Anyhow, Sweetheart is home.  Les picked her up about 3 today.  He said she was really excited to see him.  She ran down the hall (on leash) and bounced all around him in the lobby.  That made him pretty happy :)  Les got her home with no problems.  She is pretty subdued this evening.  She has gone outside a few times this evening and is walking around just fine.  She is holding herself a little stiffly but not too bad.  She isn't having any problems jumping on the couch or leaning against me for hugs.  :)  Right now she and Cleo are passed out on the couch.  I am going to make sure she and Cleo don't play too much outside for the next few days.  I do not want her to pull any of her stitches.  She doesn't have to be on any antibiotics, I am sure she is disappointed because that means no cheese snacks twice a day.  Dr. Kolar cleaned her teeth and Dr.Kindi told Les that the blood work results should be ready tomorrow or early next week at the very latest.  I am really really curious to see how much her blood work has changed from August 13th to now.

Sweetheart's stitches will come out in 10 days.  If they aren't in too tight I will just take them out myself.  However, if they are tight and sunken in any places I will take her to Kolar's.

I am so very relieved that she sailed through this spay.  This was the very last thing she had to do to be fully recovered.  I cannot believe that it has only been four and a half months since we rescued her and she is almost 100% back to normal.  Some days it feels like I have had her for 4 and a half years, not four and a half months. She is so special and I am so thankful I have gotten to experience every step of her recovery.  I highly recommend that if any of you ever get the chance to help a neglected or abused animal that you do it.  The rewards are worth it a thousand times over.

I plan on enrolling her in obedience class (if there is still a spot) Monday.  The vo-tech was closed for the holidays this week so I wasn't able to do it.  If I don't get her into this class I will try to get her enrolled at a different vo-tech.  Either way, she will be in obedience by April at the very latest.

I will try to get some pictures of her soon.  Thank you all for following her spay saga and giving me your encouragement!  I was a worried 'mom' for the last few days.  :)

Oh, and I haven't checked yet to see if Dr. Kolar lined up her spots after the spay.  :)



  1. Vinny (Vinny Goombah, My Cousin Vinny, Vineyard, Skinny Vinny, VinVin, Mr. T)and I are delighted with this happy ending!

  2. All of our dogs (fosters too) have nicknames. Sadie is called Little Bit, Million Dollar Baby, Sadie Sue, to name a few. Tom is called Thomas, Weiner Man, Brindle Butt, Tommy Two Toes. He has lots of names. Buddy, my foster, is lovingly called Numb Nuts, Ding Bat, Budster. Sometimes names just pop up at a particular moment. But we love them all! So glad Peanut is home and doing well!

  3. So glad to know I am not the only greyhound fanatic out there to give my dogs multiple nick names. Bavarian: Beezer, Boozie, Devil (he has gotten somewhat surly in his old age hehe, B, B-Man (his racing kennel used that one more than we do) Monte: MooMoo because when he 'talks' it sounds like he is mooing and he LOVES to talk, Mootie Bootie (he is a big hunk of dog like Jennifer pointed out in a comment to a video long ago) Cleo: Lee Lee, The Tooth, The Ripper (she has put holes in several fosters because we didn't have her muzzled and she got excited playing) Rips Journey: Journ Journ, Pretty Lady, Pretty Old Lady (she is going to be 12 in February) and the newest is Law Dog. Journey had 15 puppies (2 separate litters) as a racing dog and she still holds some of those momma dog traits. Whenever Cleo or Sweetheart are getting rowdy outside near her or when Sweetheart is getting nutty inside, Journey will stalk over to them with her ears up and she will put a stop to all that fun. She is also known as the fun police. She even holds grudges and will stalk a dog who has done her wrong even after the altercation is over. It is the funniest thing, especially since her teeth are all worn down and she is half blind, she couldn't do any damage at all. She is still tough and they don't mess with Journey.
    So that is a run down of my current greys nicknames. As Mad Red Hare says, sometimes new ones will just pop up out of nowhere. :) I am sure I have left off a few. I know I have more, uh, colorful names that I haven't shared. I am sure we all have some of those ready to use at certain times. ;)

  4. Now come on! That baby deserves cheese whether there are pills inside or not! Don't make me try to mail cheese to Kansas.

    Hmm... Nicknames... Lilac is known as "Mama" "Mama Dog" "Old Lady" and "Love Bug". Blueberry is known as "Blue" "Berry Girl" "Boo Boo" and "Your Highness". Bunny is known as "Bunny Girl" "Pupcake" "Little Bit" and "Bunny Foo Foo". Morgan goes by "Pretty Girl" and "No, Morgan, No!"

  5. Zephyr is "Buns" and Astro is "Little Buns". :-)

  6. awww... i have such happy tears right now reading about her happy little trip home from the vet. yay! mine have all kinds of crazy nicknames, most of which i should be embarassed to share. i call cami "cami-lou" and sometimes "cami-lou-who" like on the grinch. and calvin is usually "golden boy" or "honey bear" - lol. i have plenty more but i'll stop while i'm ahead!

  7. So glad Sweetheart is so well after her op.

    I had several months before Song realised that was her name. Her racing name was Song Song Blue, but they mut have called her something else in the kennels, as she didn't recognise Song or Blue as her name. I just kept calling her Song and she finally realised, so I rarely call her anything else.

  8. Sue: A lot of time their kennel names are totally unrelated to their racing names. I guess the folks in the kennels come up with nicknames like we all do!!

    Emily: cami lou who fits her, those big eyes and sweet demeanor! Ahh, honey bear, too cute.

    I forgot Monte's other nickname. Jethro. Yes, poor Monte really does act like a country dog. He is such a happy go lucky boy and not always the brightest bulb (that's ok though) that we started calling him Jethro at times. Sad thing is, even Dr. Kolar has started calling him that. ;)

  9. I am so glad that Sweetheart came through the spay okay, I knew she would :) As for nicknames: Isabella - Izee (this is what she is called most of the time,) Squizee, Squizabella, Squizer, Princess, The Talker, Isabella kissed a fella underneath an umbereralla...yes I say the whole thing to her lol...Sophia - Sophie, Sophie Rophie, Sopher, Princess, Sweetness, Bumpy Butt (this is because she likes to stand between your legs facing backwards while you rub her back by her tail and she bumps her whole body up and down and does a funny dance with her back feet, I really need to get it on video) because of this Stephen calls her ball buster ;)

  10. I call my Popeye Pop Star because he really is a pop star to me. I call my Player...Play Girl.