Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beach Bum!

Sweetheart got a package in the mail from one of her fans in California yesterday!

Below is a picture of the package.  Notice that Sweetheart gets her very own mail and I am just the 'in care of' person.  I have been relegated to Sweetheart's secretary now, in addition to her fan club president.  :)  Les and I laughed when we saw how the package was addressed.  Too funny.

Below is what came in that package!

Sweetheart wasn't too thrilled wearing this at first (it couldn't be because I kept yanking the hood up over her head for pictures) but after a few minutes she was cool with her new beach attire!!

Thank you SOOO much to the Sweetheart fan in California who sent this to us.  I just love it, too cute for words.

Tomorrow I will do fur baby post #3 and it will be about the dog's of the fan who sent this to Sweetheart!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I worked in the back of my property clearing brush for about six hours today and I am tired.  I haven't worked with Sweetheart on obedience this week like I should have.  I feel guilty.  Am I a bad mom?

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. Oh my, is that a stylie outfit or what? Of course it wouldn't look as good on anyone but Sweetheart;)

    If you're a bad Mum then I'm a bad Mum too cos I haven't done much training with my 2 kids this week either, lol. But they still love me/us and that's the main thing!

  2. Sweetheart, pink is your color! You look wonderful in that hoodie!

    We all have good and bad weeks with training! I wouldn't sweat it if I were you!

  3. That is too cute...was that handmade?...can you let us know the business? It would be neat to see their other items.

  4. that is gorgeous... I think Barbie would look great in a hoodie like that :)

  5. Lorely: No it wasn't handmade. The company is out of business due to a trademark lawsuit. The large hoodies were donated to Sweetheart's fan's greyhound adoption group and she donated one to Sweetheart. Isn't that sweet that she donated to her. Everyone has been so great to Sweetheart! Plus the donation gives me extra blog material I can share with everyone!!!!!!!!