Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A blizzard has struck our state.  It is 8 degrees and the wind is blowing around 30 miles per hour.  It has snowed about 8 inches or so with about an inch of two of sleet before that.  The temps tomorrow will be around 10 degrees for a high.

Sweetheart is not a big fan of this cold weather.  She, Monte and Journey went outside together and were back at the door in about 5 minutes.  Since coming back inside Sweetheart has been curled up on the couch and hasn't moved much in the last few hours.  I wonder if she is having PTSD flashbacks of her torture being tied up to the tree in the horrible heat.  I doubt it but I know one thing, she is not a cold weather baby!

I hate the thought of that dog from last night and all of the other strays stuck out in this horrible weather.

Below are a few pictures of Sweetheart passed out on the couch this morning after her foray into the blizzard.

We have been feeding the birds to make sure they have enough energy to sustain them through this bitter weather.

The little mohawks on the cardinals heads have been blowing all
around in the wind.  I am amazed how tough these little birds are.

I had a snow day from work today and if the office isn't closed tomorrow I am just going to call in because it is not worth me getting out in this weather!



  1. Aw, she looks so cute! I'll bet her memories of being loved have filled up all the space where the bad memories were!

    You can only do what you can do. I hope the other grey is okay too.

  2. She is so cute curled up in a little ball. I love the way they can make themselves so small. I wouldn't be surprised if the loose grey is in the open house you mentioned. I wonder if the people at the store have been feeding it there? We are having a cold spell here, in the upper 20's today and tomorrow 16, not much snow though.

    Enjoy your couple of days at home. :-)


  3. Snow day tomorrow! Work is officially closed again. I think the store folks have been trying to feed it some and they have tried to catch it but it is so skittish that even with hot food they haven't had any luck. :(

    I have been stitching and watching the birds.

  4. Enjoy your snow days all snuggled up with your dogs.

    Sweetheart looks so at peace on the sofa.

  5. I think Sweetheart needs a heatlamp! My heart breaks for that other poor lost soul.

  6. What pretty birds you have:) I have no doubt Sweetheart has wiped all memories of her past life and is totally enjoying her new life with you. I hope that cold and hunger will force the lost Greyhound to seek human help.