Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fur Baby Post #1

Why yes, you did read the title line correctly.  I am FINALLY getting around to posting about one of Sweetheart's fan's fur baby's!!!  I decided to do one post per fan and to tell a little bit of the story of each dog.  I will not give out any owner's names, locations or email addresses (unless you want me to).  Everyone sent me such good stories about their babies I REALLY wanted to share them.  You all have been so wonderful in following my little Peanut's story I wanted to let you share your babies stories with the world!  So, without further ado, here we go!!!

Meet Vinny, a.k.a Vinny Goombah, My Cousin Vinny, Vineyard, Skinny Vinny, VinVin and Mr. T.  Vinny was being fostered at the time the owner's second adopted greyhound, MaryLou passed away.  Vinny actually thought his foster mom was his so she kept him (why disappoint him!).  You know some of us just can't let certain fosters go!  

Vinny is 10 and a half and his owner describes him as a dog and a half.  She is terribly lucky to be able  to take him to work with her (I am quite jealous of this).  Vinny has become sort of a star in his small town.  When Vinny's mom takes him for walks around town, Vinny will walk into any open doorway trying to cadge a few pets.  Vinny has taken it upon himself to be sort of the town greeter.  He will make sure that anyone he passes on the street stops to pet him and if Vinny feels he is being ignored by someone he will often step across their path and 'force' them to pay attention to him.  And yes, all those out there who have greys know that they can 'force' someone to pet them, even folks who don't really like dogs will pet one that 'accosts' them in the street.  I have seen it time and again with my own greys and my foster greys.

Vinny has become quite popular in the small town where he lives.  Several residents carry dog cookies and give these to Vinny when he is out and about on his strolls.  Vinny now thinks that everyone he meets might carry dog cookies and he has taken to rooting into stranger's pockets looking for them.  :)  So not only does he accost people for pets, he also pick pockets them for treats! Gotta love greys.  Vinny's mom had one 'accosted' resident comment that Vinny was "really pimping his stuff"!  HEHE, I love this because I know it to be so true with my own greys, especially Bavarian.

I loved reading this email from Vinny's mom.  I absolutely adore the thought of Vinny being such a local attraction.  It makes me smile to think he is such a greyt ambassador for the breed.  I would love it if a local paper where he lives would do a story about him, wouldn't you all?

Below are two pictures of Vinny.  My greys love kiddie pools and I am glad to see Vinny does too.

Kudos go out to Vinny's mom for sharing his delightful story.    I hope you enjoyed reading about Vinny as much as I did!  

Sweetheart starts obedience class on Valentine's Day.  Quite fitting for a dog named Sweetheart huh?  I went to the first class yesterday evening.  The trainer showed us how we are going to be training and how to go about getting results.  We did not take dogs yesterday's class

Now I have homework to do.  Well, Sweetheart and I have homework to do.  I purchased treats to train with today.  Now I need to make a treat apron.  I could buy one but I have tons of dog themed fabric (who can resist fabric with tons of paw prints?) so maybe I will make a couple for Les and I.  

We are supposed to get another blizzard tonight so I hope I have another snow day tomorrow.  

Let me know if you liked Vinny's story!

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. Vinnie sounds very cute.... I am intrigued to what a 'treat apron' actually looks like. I just stuff treats into my pockets when training Barbie. Some people in our class use those little treat bucket type things that hook on to your pants but Barbie can easily reach into thsoe and help herself to treats...

  2. Aw, I can't see the pictures, but he sounds great!

  3. Vinny sounds like a sweetheart! I can't see the pictures, either, but his story is wonderful.

    I hope you and Sweetheart have a great time in class! I loved going through with several of our hounds. Bunny actually tied for first place on Graduation Night with a little Westie. She prefers that people not know that she's obedient, though! :P

  4. I redid the pictures. I hope you guys can see them now. Wow, Bunny is quite the obedience diva! I just hope Sweetheart isn't the slow one of the group!!

  5. after a story like that how could you NOT want to meet Vinnie! He looks like a cross between my Drake and my Booker I just love him without knowing him!

  6. Vinnie is adorable. Although, I am partial to Brindles! Sweetheart will live up to her name on valentine's day, I'm sure!

  7. Vinny is handsome. Maybe his owner could approach the local paper and see if they'd like to do an article. If just one Greyhound got a forever home because of it, it would have been worth it. I think I'd play down the fact that they accost people and are pickpockets though:) LOL

    Hope you and Sweetheart enjoy the training. I am sure she will be a star.

  8. Loved it, Jess, and can't wait to read other's stories! My greys have been in the paper over the years and we've also been on the radio! I'm just trying to keep Vinny out of the Police Blotter!

  9. I am lucky enough to know Vinny and his Mom and they are both awesome! Vinny loves "girls night out" because he gets pats and love from all of us!

  10. So great to read Vinny's story from so far away. It's great when your hound/s become local celebrities. X

  11. Vinny is quite the character and what a handsome boy :) I love that you are posting the fan fur baby stories, can't wait for more.