Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fur Baby Post #2

Ahh, nothing like trying to do some clicker training outside with Sweetheart when Bavarian (who is inside the house) starts incessantly barking at Monte while they are both standing at the food bowl.  Really easy to keep Sweetheart's focus let me tell you.  Ugh.  All in all she did pretty well for the little bit we worked with her while Bavarian the Annoying was being a fool.

The weather is going to warm up so I will be able to pitch the other dogs outside while I work with Sweetheart inside.  We did the name game tonight.  I would say her name and when she would look me in the eyes I would click the clicker and treat her.  I need to work on my clicker trigger finger but all in all we did ok for our first go round.  Les did a few rounds of the name game too.  I hope Sweetheart can get the hang of this.  She is so food motivated (a nice phrase for GREEDY) that I think she will do fine.  I will just have to make sure I work with her each day, several times a day.

This fur baby post is short and sweet but the fur baby is awfully cute.  I hope you agree.  

Meet Punky.  Punky is a three year old, five pound (can you imagine, I think Sweetheart's head weighs that!) adorable white chihuahua.  Punky is very timid. His recent accomplishment is learning how to bark!  His timid streak does not stop him from wanting affection from his family and he loves to play.  My guess: Punky will be spunky in no time, especially since he has found his voice!  We all know that chihuahuas are big dogs in small packages!

The picture below is of Punky in his Christmas hat.  

This Saturday will be Sweetheart's second visit to the Shawnee Mall to help us promote greyhound adoption.  I am hoping she does just as good this time around as she did last time.

Jess and Sweetheart!


  1. i would be timid too if I were that small! I saw someone with a chi like that in a bike basket the other day and thought, I wish I could shrink my puppies for transport, and then make them back to their normal size at all other times ;)

  2. He's just ridiculously cute! I just want to pick him up and squeeze him.

    Just think of it this way, by the time you're done, Sweetheart will be able to ignore a lot of distractions! Good luck at the mall!

  3. If Punky had any idea how cute he is, he'd become the total opposite of timid!

  4. Punky is just the cutest.

    Hope you and Sweetheart have a fab time at the mall.